Sunday, 27 August 2017

Three outfits for Kaye Wiggs dolls

Having published the sewing pattern (SSP-051)  I had three delightful outfits to primp a bit, and play with.    So I've added an oversized bow for the hair, for two of them, and for the third - my personal fave - I've made a hat and some shoes.

The shoes take WAY long to make, but I do like to offer the occasional outfit as a complete look.

Well worth it, because I love this first one. <3   My newly face-upped (that's totally a word) Gracie looks divine in this.   It's so girlie and charming! The little shoes are so cute too.

"Mathilda" Outfit: In my Etsy shop:

 Secondly,   As I also adore aqua and turquoise shades, this one was equally a labour of love to make.  I do like making these little bows for the doll.  A customer once asked me to make a hair ornament for one of my Kaye Wiggs outfits, as she liked something to finish it off, so I did that for her, and now I try to include something for the head or hair in every ensemble.

"Harriet" Outfit:  In my Etsy shop:

Bringing up the rear is this very pretty outfit.   I love using Kaffe Fasset's Cotton Shots fabric for dolly dresses.  It has a lovely subtle sheen that I just can't capture with my camera, and is slightly lighter weight than traditional quilters-weight cottons.  

Teamed with Liberty Tana Lawn,  it all meshes together nicely.

"Millie" Outfit: In my Etsy shop:

So that's those all done and finished.   I'm fond of olde worlde looks on these dolls, and the three sets do have a nice Holly Hobbie feel to them.

I may have a couple of days off as I've worked through my last two weekends, but will be cracking on with something for Little Darlings for sure.



  1. Lovely outfits - the one with the hat is my fave... well it's a purple dress/hat what did you expect!! Five Patience dresses down 1 to go! I'm loving Katia Jaipur and the fact I can get two totally different coloured dresses from one ball of yarn... there will be pics coming soon!

    1. I missed this one! Yes, the purple one is my fave too, which is why I happened to have made matching shoes a little while back! Katia Kaipur is marvellous for getting two looks. Ooh pics.. I'll try to keep an eye on Flickr.

    2. Pics of two Ello dresses are up and I'm wrangling Patience into a photoshoot as we speak!!!

  2. Que puedo decir que no ta haya dicho antes ...preciosos....artista

    1. Gracias :) Es una mirada dulce para esta edad de muñeca.