Saturday, 11 May 2019

Three outfits for Smart Doll.

Having made the sewing pattern SSP-069, I now offer three outfits that were made during the process.

These garments are beautifully fitted to the default (small)  bust Smart Doll.   The stretchy bodysuit might fit a medium bust, but I can't guarantee it, not owning a medium-bust doll. So I don't recommend you buy these for a medium, unless you also have a default bust Smart Doll who can wear them.

Available in my Etsy shop: In my new section "Smart Doll Stuff".

The tights are perfect stain preventers, and they go under the darker leggings. The third outfit has lighter leggings, so don't need the tights.

The leggings have great little belt loops, so I made pretty belts to match each outfit.

These bodysuits are just some of my all time faves.  They can go under skirts and jeans too.

Stretchy garments are perfect for really active poses.

Just Chillin'
£40.00 plus shipping

Just Relaxin'
£40.00 plus shipping

Just Me
£32.00 plus shipping

There will be more outfits as I go along :)


Friday, 10 May 2019

SSP-069: "Mix n' Match" my first sewing pattern for Smart Doll

It's been a blast sewing for these girls.  They're much larger than I'm used to, but the proportions are so lovely, they're a dream to sew for.  For my first Smart Doll sewing pattern, I've come up with my favourite bodysuit/leotard, and a host of other garments, including stain-protecting tights.  Always useful when working with dark or brightly dyed fabrics.

*Available in my Etsy shop:

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Once your have paid, I will email your digital pattern file directly, within 24 hours at the outside, usually much sooner.


As always, I devote myself to a fabulous fit.  These leggings and shorts are so well-fitted, that you can make the garments without elastic.  I know some people prefer that extra finish though, so I've given instructions if you do want to use some.

Stretchy stuff is great for all kinds of posing. Cali is looking pretty chilled here.  And comfy. (Belt not included)

These stain-preventing tights can be used to go under jeans and any trousers made of dark or brightly dyed fabric.  They can be made in cotton with Lycra, Lycra fabric, or stretch mesh.  Anything with a good 4 way stretch.

Don't be tempted to use 2 way stretch though, it won't work.

There's something feminine to go under skirts too.  These stockings are great.  And the knee-high socks will help if you have boots with dark insides too.

I love bodysuits, they're so versatile for dolls. Mine come with four sleeve options.

Ready for some dance practice? Ballet, jazz, or tap?

Cali and Cass say hi. Peace out.

Next up will be some jeans for these dollies, and a cute little cropped peasant top.   After that, I have ideas for a skirt and top combo.

In other news, I am now skint. Impoverished. Brassic.  No more dolls for a while.  I'm actually too scared to look at my bank balance!



Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Lovin' on Smart Doll

I'm loving SO HARD on these girls. 

The newbie arrived today, I've given both Ancient Greek names. 

Cassiopeia - though she much prefers just Cass.  She's kinda tomboyish, as I've said, and a bit serious.

Calista - Cali for short, is far more girlie and not at all SRS. 

Cali likes to upstage Cass, who takes it all in her stride. She'd rather hang in the background anyway.  Ignore the tights, visible under the jeans.  I plan to remedy those soon.

She's so cute.   I've changed her eyes, from the default blue to amber; and given both girls lovely long eyelashes.  I've never been keen on anime or manga, but I've really taken to these lovely dollies.

I'm working on my first Smart Doll sewing pattern, and have made loads of bits and pieces that I'll put together as outfits to list in my Etsy shop.


Friday, 3 May 2019

Sewing trousers for Smart Doll.

I've outlined my design process before, but just a quick recap.

What I do is I measure and draft an initial pattern, sew a toile, tweak the pattern accordingly and sew again.  It's a case of rinse and repeat several times.   Sometimes I get it stop on at the first try, sometimes it can take up to seven or eight toiles before I'm happy with the fit.

And I am very. Very. fussy.

Hence this version of my Smart Doll pants/jeans/whatnot is my sixth version.  I like to make shorts when I'm designing trousers, because it wastes much less fabric on failed attempts.  My failed attempts do often fit okay, but I strive more that bit more than okay. So.

(I also add that I hand sew, so a new garment can take a good few weeks to perfect!)

Here's my delightful Cass modelling the trousers, which I've cut as knee-length pedal-pushers.  I'm very happy with these, so will be making full-scale jeans next.  Not my greatest photography, but you can see the fit pretty clearly.

I always find the fit around the doll's bum is the most challenging part of making pants and trews.

These are hipsters, as opposed to the very low-rise jeans I bought with the doll.  I know.  I'm old, and old-fashioned about low rise pants.  But I do know that I wouldn't have worn such totally uncomfortably fitting jeans even when I was a rebellious teenager.

Hence, I've made these as hipsters, which are cut a little higher, and I also have a pattern for medium-rise jeans.   I'm not so old as to want to make belly-warmers though!  Jeans that come right up to the waist are so 80's.

Here are the other five pairs, which I made as shorts, and rejected.  Most are total rejects, but one or two of them are okay to keep just so my own dollies don't have to go naked.

In other news, but on the same lines, I've bought another Smart Doll!  I couldn't resist Sana with freckles.   I've just paid the ransom, so she'll be delivered on Tuesday.  Yay.


Saturday, 20 April 2019

Leotard/bodysuit for Smart Doll

I'm besotted with my newest addition to the Raccoon workroom.   She's a Destiny Smart Doll, and has been named Cass, which really suits her and has stuck.  I love the name Cassiopeia, or Cassie, but this girl's personality seems to be tomboyish and a little no-frills.  So I get the LOOK whenever I try anything but plain old Cass.   (I have to confess also, I've just binge-watched all 13 seasons of Supernatural, and she's kinda named after my favourite character, Castiel.)

I loved the clothing that came with her.  My word, the quality is amazing... and that's coming from me, the most persnickety doll sewist ever.   I will obviously be drafting new patterns for her, and to start, I've gone for one of my favourite pieces of clothing, the leotard/bodysuit.

So here's the new leotard. It's my second draft of the design and is still a tad too tight.  I hand painted the heart motifs, and the leotard stretches them out of proportion a bit.   I'll correct that on my next attempt.

(At first, I tried on this one. It was made to fit a Kaye Wiggs MSD girl, but it's so very stretchy, it looked great on Cass.  Very tight though!)

I like my bodysuits to follow the natural curve of the doll's modelling.  By that I mean where the body section ends and the thighs begin.  It's looking very good shape wise.  And the waist is not bagging out at all in the back.

The jeans she comes with are soooo tight.  I must make some that are just a bit looser, so I can get stain-preventing tights on underneath them.   They do just go over the knickers she came with, and hence work the same over this bodysuit.  The tightness of the jeans also rules out any seated poses.  So I'd really like to make some that accommodate movement.

I just love her.  And have been carrying her around the house with me.  She has loads of attitude.  I've ordered some Lycra fabric with one of my own print designs that'll suit her perfectly!

I'll be enjoying sewing for Cass for a bit.  There will be patterns eventually, but first I want to nail down some basics for her. Leotard, tights, leggings, etc.  I have the free Smart Doll patterns available on their website, but prefer to draft my own.


Thursday, 18 April 2019

SSP-068: Lace up boots for Kaye Wiggs dolls.

I'm all booted out now.  I've designed and made these loively little fleece lace up boots for Kaye Wiggs dolls. All the girls, MSD, Tobi, and Nellie are catered for here.  I don't know about the Laycee body which is more substantial, as I don't own that doll body.

So Raccoon HQ presents another lovely and highly detailed tutorial on  how to make boots.  There are also socks, for protecting your doll from any potential staining from dark or deep-dyed boot fabric.

*Available in my Etsy shop:

*Etsy will charge EU customers VAT (This does not affect America or other non-EU countries). EU customers might find it cheaper to buy here, directly on the blog.

Or right here on the blog: (PayPal shopping cart)
Once your have paid, I will email your digital pattern file directly, within 24 hours at the outside, usually much sooner.


There are two versions of the boots.  The simpler ones, with no eyelets, and just a soft sole. (Click on the images to see them enlarged.)

Then there are the more advanced boots, which have eyelets and a glued on foam sole.

And socks...

I've included some variations on the boot making, as well as a section at the back, which is a detailed tutorial on how to sew back stitch. 

Hand sewing is essential when making these, but all the seams are small so it's not too time consuming.   I'm used to making these now, and can make some in a couple of hours, entirely by hand.


I have been away for a long old time.  My lovely housemates offered me the largest room, seeing as I was in the smallest and having to run my business from there!  The new room is twice the size, and I've incorporated a ton of storage into the furniture, shelving, etc.  it will house all my too-many dolls, and my too-much fabric!

I just have to make sure I don't expand too much now, and end up with storage space troubles again.  Easier said than done for us fabriholics.

I'll try to post some photos of the new Raccoon HQ soon.


Friday, 22 February 2019

SSP-067: Detailed boot tutorial for Kaye Wiggs and A Girl for all Time.

I've always loved making shoes and boots for my dollies, particularly boots.  For a very long time now, I've wanted to make some little UGGS for my girls.  (I then got carried away by making lace-up boots, but that's another post for another day!)

So Raccoon HQ presents this lovely and highly detailed tutorial on  how to make UGG boots.  there are even some stockings, for protecting your doll from any potential staining from dark or deep-dyed boot fabric.

*Available in my Etsy shop:

*Etsy will charge EU customers VAT (This does not affect America or other non-EU countries). EU customers might find it cheaper to buy here, directly on the blog. 

Or right here on the blog: (PayPal shopping cart)
Once your have paid, I will email your digital pattern file directly, within 24 hours at the outside, usually much sooner.


I've seen many tutorials in my dolly internet travels, and I found a lot of them a bit lacking, so I've made this really detailed, to walk even a novice through the process.  There are of course pattern/template pieces for two sizes of boot and three sizes of stocking.

The stockings have three options for stocking tops, including an anti-slip pair.  If your Tobi is anything like mine, she'll be very slippy in the legs, so this technique is invaluable for good stay-up stockings for her.

The Kaye Wiggs MSD UGGs also fit A Girl for all Time dolls, and AGAT also has her very own stocking template.

Boots are such fun to make, I have a pile of them on my desk, and a bag full of different colours of fleece all ready to go.

These boots don't need a separate sole. My girls stand perfectly in boots with just the plain fabric sole.  But if you want to add a firmer sole, there are instructions for doing just that.

So next, I'll be working on the fleecy lace-up boots, and hopefully producing a tutorial for those.  Then I want to make boots for my Iplehouse JID girls, and hopefully even Little darling.  The smaller the doll's feet get, the more fiddly the boot, but I'll take them down in size to fit a few more dollies.


Sunday, 17 February 2019

Always boots, all the time.

More bootses, precious.

These are pretty in pink. Another experiment. I'm playing around with the fleece and have tried bonding it to fabric for the soles in these boots.

Also, if you want to make a relatively easy pair, you don't really need to do all the eyelets.  Simply running some cotton embroidery thread through the fabric with a large needle works quite nicely.

The laced-up one is sorta finished, despite needing nicer laces. Green is used here for contrasts, so it shows up in the photo well.  I might glue some craft foam to the soles to finish them off.  The other one still needs trimming and lacing.  They're on the lasts at the moment.  Can't wait to try them on the doll.

These are taller than the desert boots, and I've tweaked the pattern, trying to get a nice toe shape.  I've discovered the secret, but it's mine. All mine. Mwuhaha.

You might think the sewn through laces are annoying when it comes to removing the boots; but because of the stretch in the fleece, it's actually fairly quick and easy.

The pen marks are Pilot Frixion pen.  Ironing the shoes is pointless, but a just quick burst of steam removes the ink completely.  I scribble all over my garments making tailors marks, and love that the pens I use completely disappear.

And here are yesterday's desert boots, on my sunkissed Missy.

Have ordered different colours in fleece too.  I really .. honestly. I wish I could stop buying fabric.


Saturday, 16 February 2019

Moar Shooz. For Kaye Wiggs and A Girl for all Time.

I've posted some of these on Facebook, but here are what I call the holy grail of shoe projects.  I've long wanted to make my own lace-up boots, and finally, having drafted a pattern entirely on my own, I've found the perfect fabric to use for MSD size doll shoes.


Let me tell you about fleece.  (I use anti pill polar fleece, purely because it's all I could find.) 

It's easy to work with.  It hides all your stitches (okay, so my stitches are perfect, yes I do brag.  But you still can't see them if you sew badly.) 

It is very easy to 'ease' the pieces together whilst sewing.

It doesn't need a hem.  Yay.

It's stretchy, so one pair of shoes or boots will easily slip onto the doll, and will probably even fit more than one of your different dolls. 

Here are my lace-up desert boots:

These are modelled by my KW MSD Missy.  Alas, they don't fit A Girl for All Time dolls. AGAT's feet are too wide.  But that doesn't mean I won't make her a pair.

And the UGGs I posted yesterday on FB.   These do actually fit AGAT perfectly.

I did the seams on the inside, but Myself and everyone who expressed an opinion preferred the seams on the outside. More like real UGGs.  But they're still quite nice.

Here's the single prototype boot.  I need to make another to match, seeing as how perfect this one turned out.

I have a few colours of fleece, so may spend a few days just playing with boot ideas.