Saturday, 16 February 2019

Moar Shooz. For Kaye Wiggs and A Girl for all Time.

I've posted some of these on Facebook, but here are what I call the holy grail of shoe projects.  I've long wanted to make my own lace-up boots, and finally, having drafted a pattern entirely on my own, I've found the perfect fabric to use for MSD size doll shoes.


Let me tell you about fleece.  (I use anti pill polar fleece, purely because it's all I could find.) 

It's easy to work with.  It hides all your stitches (okay, so my stitches are perfect, yes I do brag.  But you still can't see them if you sew badly.) 

It is very easy to 'ease' the pieces together whilst sewing.

It doesn't need a hem.  Yay.

It's stretchy, so one pair of shoes or boots will easily slip onto the doll, and will probably even fit more than one of your different dolls. 

Here are my lace-up desert boots:

These are modelled by my KW MSD Missy.  Alas, they don't fit A Girl for All Time dolls. AGAT's feet are too wide.  But that doesn't mean I won't make her a pair.

And the UGGs I posted yesterday on FB.   These do actually fit AGAT perfectly.

I did the seams on the inside, but Myself and everyone who expressed an opinion preferred the seams on the outside. More like real UGGs.  But they're still quite nice.

Here's the single prototype boot.  I need to make another to match, seeing as how perfect this one turned out.

I have a few colours of fleece, so may spend a few days just playing with boot ideas.


Thursday, 14 February 2019

Three new outfits: Kaye Wiggs mini, and Iplehouse KID.

Here are the little outfits resulting from my latest sewing pattern.  I love the flopsy pinafore and bonnet look on dolls. Very Holly Hobbie.

In my Etsy shop:  This link will take you to my Handmade Doll Fashions section.

 "Sweet Pea" for 14" Kaye Wiggs mini
£60.00 plus shipping.

"Strawberries 'n' Dreams" for Iplehouse KID
£60.00 plus shipping

"Sunny Disposition" for Iplehouse KID
£48.00 plus shipping

Not sure where I'm going next.   I'll have to flip through all my patterns and see what grabs my attention.  Though I do have a yearning to try to make sherpa boots....


Monday, 11 February 2019

Raccoon's red hot tips: Seven steps to precision sewing.

Here are some of the most useful tips I have.  I always use these methods, as it makes for very precise cutting.  Invaluable when sewing on a very small scale, like doll's clothing.  All the equipment I've mentioned below, I buy on Ebay, just so you know.

You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.

1)  Glue your paper pattern pieces to card stock.

This way, you can draw around the pattern pieces directly onto the fabric.  I then cut just inside the lines, and hold up my fabric piece against the pattern piece, to check it's exact.  Recycled greetings cards are good, or you can buy larger pieces cheaply on Ebay.

2) Draw around your card pieces directly onto the back of the fabric.

This beats using paper pieces pinned to fabric.  It's a nightmare cutting out tiny shapes this way.  I use standard black gel pens, because they don't smudge when  I apply the fray check.

3) Apply fray check before cutting out.

It makes life a lot easier!  I use Fray Stopper because it's cheaper then Fray Check, and dries much faster, but the nozzles are a bit rubbish.  So,  I transfer my stuff to a fine-nozzle bottle, so it doesn't blob, and I keep a rag in my hand for wiping the tip.  Fray-checking on old bits of card mean you won't wreck your sewing table or desk.

4) Cut away the pen lines.

I cut just inside my pen lines, to remove the ink - it shows through on sheer fabrics, and can run when damp-styling.  Then I hold  the fabric piece against the card template to make sure it's exact.

5) Cutting on the fold.  Don't just fold the fabric in half to cut out your piece.

I find this is very hit and miss when pieces need to be precise.  For example, hats, where the crown needs to fit exactly on the brim.  Or for bodice pieces that need to be exactly the same size as their linings.

I draw around my half-piece, making registration marks (red pointers)  Then I flip my piece over, matching it up carefully, and draw around it again. 

6) Mark out seam lines.

I mark every piece of fabric before I start to sew.  Standard purple vanishing ink pens are great, they can be damped away, or disappear after a few days.  But I also use Pilot Frixion pens, which can be removed by a burst of steam, or a quick press.

7) Make it a habit.

Some of this prep may seem a bit tedious, but I use these methods whenever I sew anything.  It makes for great confidence when making something worthwhile for a very expensive doll.  :)


Sunday, 10 February 2019

SSP-066: For Iplehouse KID. Puff sleeve dress and pinafore.

My first pattern for Iplehouse KID!   I picked an old favourite, seeing as I've been revisiting it to fit Mini Kaye Wiggs gals.  My Lonnie and Paige look adorable in these outfits.

*Available in my Etsy shop:

*Etsy will charge EU customers VAT (This does not affect America or other non-EU countries).  I always recommend people to look in my Craftsy store anyway, as the prices fluctuate, due to the international exchange rates and may be cheaper.  I always recommend comparing prices.

Or right here on the blog: (PayPal shopping cart)


The dresses on their own.

The pinafore is open at the sides.  you can use ribbon for the mock ties, but the instructions on how to sew fabric mock-ties are very clear.

And the pinafore can be made with skirt backs, or no skirt backs, as a sort of apron-style garment.

There are also tips on page 20 on how to make a sleeveless dress.

Next, I'm still going through my Patience patterns to fit them to Mini Kaye Wiggs.  Not sure which one it will be yet,  Maybe the dungarees... hmm... sometimes, there's too much choice...


Tuesday, 29 January 2019

New inventory in my Etsy shop. SIX outfits.

Quality control Raccoon is controlling quality...
Having had a blast re-creating SSP-039 to fit Kaye Wiggs and Iple KID, and having gotten COMPLETELY carried away and having fun... I now have six new outfits listed in my Etsy shop.

These are simpler than many of my outfits, so I can offer them at a price lower than my usual rates.  this does not mean the quality has lessened.  All the outfits are still completely hand sewn, and meet my exacting standards... (and have been approved by Rufus' watchful eye...)

In my Etsy shop in the "Handmade Doll Fashions" section.

Click on the images to take you to their individual Etsy Sales pages.

Here are the six lovely little outfits for Patience, mini Kaye Wiggs (14") And Iplehouse KID.

First up is our ever-cheeky Patience.  She's loving the laid back huckleberry feels, and really wishes Spring would pull its socks up and arrive.

And for my cute Mini Layla,  These ensembles:  The first one will not fit Iplehouse KID. The second two will, but it is a very tight fit!





And a couple for Iplehouse KID.  these can be worn by Mini Kaye Wiggs, and are a baggier fit, but I quite like the bagginess.

My personal favourites are the clown outfits.  I'm not a huge fan of clowns, but done right, dolls can look adorable in little clown costumes.

Next up, people keep asking me about SSP-005, the pinafore set for Patience (one of my bestsellers) and if that fits mini KW.  So that's what I'll be making next. I'll keep Iple KID in mind too.  :)


Saturday, 26 January 2019

SSP-039V: Revamped pattern for Patience and now Kaye Wiggs 14" mini. Romper set. (Also Iple KID)

Finally I've gotten around to working on my existing patience patterns and fitting them to 14" Mini Kaye Wiggs girls.   this one is also easily adapted to fit Iplehouse KID, and I've given detailed but simple instructions for that on page 26.

*Available in my Etsy shop:

*Etsy will charge EU customers VAT (This does not affect America or other non-EU countries).  I always recommend people to check here on my blog anyway, as the prices fluctuate, due to the international exchange rates and patterns may be cheaper here.  I always recommend comparing prices.

Or right here on the blog: (PayPal shopping cart)

9.75 GBP

These look so cute on these little dolls.   I hope people enjoy making them up for Mini KW, and for Iple KID girls.

Becasue this is an existing pattern which I have revamped and enhanced, I was careful to keep all of the original content unchanged. So if you have bought this pattern in the past for Patience, all of that pattern and cutting information is still correct.

I have added the new pieces at the end, for 14" Mini Kaye Wiggs.  There are also simple instructions for altering all 3 versions of the rompers for Iplehouse KID. (The hat needs no alteration.)

If you have already bought this pattern, don't worry, I keep all my sales records and can check who has already bought the previous version.  If you have bought this in the past, I can send you this revamped version free of charge.


Monday, 14 January 2019

Three stunning outfits for Kaye Wiggs MSD girls

Rufus and myself have been sewing away like mad here at Raccoon HQ.   I'm happy to introduce three gorgeous new outfits for Kaye Wiggs MSD.

As it's the start of the year, we wanted to present something rather special.


Here they are all together. Don't they look lovely together.   Though photographing dolls is not the easiest thing in the world, let alone three of them together.  Once you get one perfect... another one falls over, and you're back to square one.

Here are the girls, finally nice and still.   The picture is a link that will take you to my Etsy shop, the 'Handmade Doll Fashions' section.

Having enjoyed all of these immensely, I've been reminded that I've produced nothing for my poor Mini Layla.   I think next, I'll be making up some of my earlier Patience Wilde patterns and fitting those to my Little Layla.

Will keep you posted!


Thursday, 3 January 2019

Happy New Year! SSP-065: "My Posh Frock" for Kaye Wiggs MSD sized dolls.

First one for 2019!   A very popular design, this time drafted to fit Kaye Wiggs MSD dolls.  This will fit the original 18" MSD body, the newer 18" Abby body, and the slightly shorter 17" Mei Mei body.

*Available in my Etsy shop:

*Etsy will charge EU customers VAT (This does not affect America or other non-EU countries).  I always recommend people to look in my Craftsy store anyway, as the prices fluctuate, due to the international exchange rates and may be cheaper.  I always recommend comparing prices.

EBAY: For patterns on CD rom. No VAT, no extra charge for the CD, Just the patterns themselves, and postage.  (However many patterns you order, they will come on one CD. This keeps production and  shipping costs to a minimum, a saving which I pass on to my customers.)

Or right here on the blog: (PayPal shopping cart)

After payment, I will email the files to you directly.  Please again, allow me 24 hours to email the files.  I live in the UK, and for overseas customers, if I'm asleep there is sometimes a delay.  Usually I can email the files straight away or at least within 12 hours.


 The petticoat is designed so that there is volume to support the dress, but not too much bulk at the hips.

The outfit can be worn with or without armlets, and the shoulder ruffle can be worn on or off-shoulder.

And here's the full ensemble, shown on each of the three doll bodies.

So that's my start to the year.  Lets hope there will be lots more sewing patterns over 2019.


Saturday, 10 November 2018

Two outfits for Effner Little Darling.

I really enjoy making these cute lil' playsuits, so I made a couple more.    As luck would have it, in my stash of shoes I found the perfect pairs to match these pretty outfits.   There were also some teeny cuddly animals in a drawer, ready for some LD sized outfits, so I've included one of those in each outfit.

Click on the pictures or the links below, to take you to the sales pages.

"Strawberry Mousse" For LD and hard body Mini Maru:

Very pretty pinks, with a dashing spot of red here and there.  The little bunny coordinates so nicely with this.  And the shoes are the right hue of pink to tie in perfectly.

The outfit also fits the new body Mini Maru, and was actually fitted to do so. the shoes are VERY tight though!  You really have to wiggle them on.  I got so absorbed in putting the shoes on my MM girls and in the end I totally forgot to take a photos. Derp.  But they will go on.  Just be gentle and patient.

"Apricot Creme" For LD and hard body Mini Maru:

Olde-worlde shades of apricots and creams make this a lovely little ensemble.  Even the honey coloured bear tones in nicely.  I couldn't believe I actually had a pair of doll shoes to match this.

I love dollies with their toys.  :)

I'll be having a bit of an art break for a week or so.  I'm itching to paint and draw, so I'm not sure what the next doll project will be.  But it's more a case of too many ideas, rather than too few.


Thursday, 1 November 2018

Four outfits newly listed in my Etsy shop: Little Darling and AGAT - and a painting!

After creating the "Playtime" sewing patterns, I've finished off the outfits and listed them for sale on Etsy.

Here we go...

"Playtime in Pink & Green" For Effner Little Darling:  (I love Claire's new wig)

"Playtime in Blue" For Effner Little Darling:

"Playtime in Pink & Cream" for A Girl for all Time dolls:
£54.00 plus shipping.

And "Playtime in Biscuit & Purple" for A Girl for all Time dolls:
£50.00 plus shipping.

And I'm putting this in my doll blog, as it's doll-related.

"Ellowyne Wilde" Mixed media painting:
£80.00 plus shipping.

Next, I think I'm going to try some lace overlay dresses. I've spent a small fortune on exotic embroidered tulle from the far east, and have a drawer full!   I'm always nervous about working with tulle, so we'll see how well I cope with it.  Just not sure which doll to sew for.  A taller girl maybe, as the lace is quite deep.

Fingers crossed.