Sunday, 13 October 2013

Finished hooded scarf/Ewok hood.

I quite like the term 'snugglehood' myself , and yes, she does look a bit like an Ewok.  Not that that's a bad thing.

Right, the reason I needed to tweak, is because I got the hood a little too small, and the back has to sit well. I didn't show the back of the first attempt , because it was a mess.  This is a lot better, and I'm very happy with my newlt drafted pattern.

From the front.  The scarf looks nice enough hanging down loose, but I particularly like it wrapped around the shoulders.  It looks cosy and kind of glamorous at the same time.

So that's that.  Next will come more legwarmers and armwarmers, also in purples.   I'm still waiting for a shedload of fabrics to arrive so I can make more of these outfits and try to design that cowl poncho.

What's that you say? My self-imposed Ebay ban?  I have no idea what you mean....  

Okay. I failed at not shopping. Dismally.

But look! She's so preeeeetty!  :D



  1. Another amazing idea, how do you keep thinking them up???? Looks especially fab on the blonde gal! :D

    1. Thanks Anj :) I just keep seeing fashions on the interwebz - I browse a lot for catwalk fashions and stuff like that, then I wonder how I can make them go on a doll!


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