Sunday, 13 October 2013

Hoodie, scarf, skoodie?

I've seen them called "Snoods", these things. Basically they're scarves with an attached hood.  Snoods are something else entirely to me, being a generation or two older than the fashionistas.

So yes, it's a hooded scarf.

The first draft of the pattern went pretty well, but I do need to make a few tweaks, so I'll be doing that next, and hopefully I can move on to the fun bits, the armwarmers and legwarmers.



  1. I really like it - and want one!!! I keep meaning to have a go at knitting something similar for Ell - I need more time!!

  2. This is lovely, a very clever idea! Yes I agree about 'snoods', I always think of them as something which covers the hair like a posh hairnet! lol

    1. Yes, that's exactly what I'd call a snood. I've seen cowls called snoods too, which just isn't what I'd call them. They're cowls, lol.


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