Friday, 11 October 2013

I haven't sewn today :(

Having a break and still waiting for some fabrics to arrive before I can get my teeth into anything.  I've re-drafted some patterns and am ready for a sewing marathon once it gets here, but for today, nothing much has happened, apart from a pair of brown leggings identical to the ones I made in the previous outfit.

So for something pretty to look at, I thought I'd show an old outfit, which has been sold long ago, that I made for my JID girl Rachel (Tania Sculpt)

Every item in this was lined, trews, leotard and the tunic vest thingy.    I hand-dyed the green fabrics myself, and with resin dolls, I like to line the garments to prevent the slightest risk of staining.  I loved this outfit, one of my very favourites :)

Hopefully I will have something new to show tomorrow...



  1. I remember that one it was lovely - I love the floral fabric! Never hurts to have a day off the sewing!

    1. lol, yeah I think I was a bit over-enthusiastic about having something to put on the blog every day.


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