Saturday, 5 October 2013

Mucking around with separates

Inspired by my autumnal palette, I cut out and made some leggings for Ellowyne Wilde yesterday.

The pattern is from the Gracefaerie #56 "Team hoodie warms up".  I printed it out at 90% for Ell, and they fit perfectly :)
Then I set about drafting a pattern for a minidress in a stretch fabric.  The dress for this set is going to be in a hand dyed mauve colour.  I don't have very much of that, so I tested the draft with some stone coloured fabric - of which I have plenty.

Both back and front look good and smooth, with no glaring errors.   There's a slight hitch, however, in that the bulk of the leggings can be seen underneath the clingy, stretchy dress. Bah.

The whole dress looks nice and smooth without the leggings underneath. I may decide not to use this style of dress after all. I may be better off with a separate bodice and gathered skirt.  It will still be short, but the waist of the leggings won't form a bulge.

 I like my Ellowyne Wilde clothes to fit my slim MSD's too. Here are the leggings and dress on a Luts KDf, with immature body.  The leggings fit like a dream.   The dress does too, but the shape of the doll's joints are obvious through the clingy fabric. This would work in a thicker, firmer stretch fabric, probably. Like a cotton interlock or maybe even a lined stretch dress, but I've gone off this idea for now.

I think a bodice with a separate skirt is the way to go here.  I'm SO glad I tried the dress in a spare fabric first. My precious pieces of hand dyed fabric has been saved for something that will work!  I also have a nice pattern for a long tee-shirt dress, so my day hasn't been entirely wasted.

Next, I'm literally going back to the drawing board to create a different style of dress.  Le sigh.



  1. Just a bit of trouble with vpl, I know you'll work it out! Great fit on those leggings!

    1. Thanks Jan :) Heh, yeah that VPL is never good news. I've adapted the tight dress pattern to a loose flowy tunic top pattern, so hopefully it will work. That's be tomorrow's experiment!

  2. I really like those leggings! Ah you can't have Ell having vpl!!! I'm sure you will find a way around it - just as I've finally worked out how to comment......

    1. I know! lol, Ell would be appalled at the very idea. It took me a while to figure this site out too. Glad you managed to comment! It's set up so that anyone can comment, even anonymously, so hopefully it won't put people off. :)


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