Friday, 4 October 2013

Struggling a bit

I've been lacking any inspiration for days now, and have been thinking more about making several smaller items for an outfit rather than say one time-consuming dress.   Of course, it's all time consuming, but I'm quite taken with the idea of more little bits and pieces to make up a set for a doll.

Hence I've been looking at hats, leggings, legwarmers, gloves, armwarmers, teeshirts and maybe coats, or a lovely cape/poncho to go over it all.  Stretch fabrics and knits are appealing to me lately too, after having googled a pile of gorgeous knitted and crocheted dolly items.  I can knit, and crochet, but I just can't find the patterns I want, and although I know I have the skill to learn, I don't have the patience to work out patterns of my own in knit or crochet. Drafting up sewing patterns is quite enough for me in my teeny tiny workroom.

We'll see.

Currently I've dragged out some coordinating stretch fabrics and knits, with a couple of accent colours. My desk is littered with existing patterns for Ellowyne Wilde and MSD bits and pieces.

Current odds and ends
Obligatory arty close-up
Inspiration surely has to strike soon.  It has to. Agh.



  1. I hope inspiration strikes you soon, as I am looking forward to seeing the lovely things you make!

    1. Thanks for the kind encouragement! Fortunately today it has, so I'll be posting new bits of outfit as I make them.


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