Monday, 7 October 2013


I'd already cut the pieces, so it didn't take me too long to make this up today, even with the hand sewing.


Typically, I forgot to take photos as I went along, D'oh.

I wanted to incorporate gloves into this top. It's something I've been meaning to try for ages, as it will make slipping on a pair of arm-warmers easier.

Because this is one of the softest and most clingy fabrics I could find, the tunic hangs well. Which is gratifying.  I find stretch viscose has a much better drape for doll scale items than many fine cotton lawns, or voiles.  I could have tried a viscose satin, but I'm not brave enough to attempt satin yet.  I have made things with satin in the past, but it's a sod to work with and slips all  over the place. The slightest pucker shows too. I may try some stretch satin in future, but that's expensive, so it will be a loooong old time away.

I think I'm happy with this.  As always, I want to fiddle and tweak the pattern because I can see every last little imperfection in the way it hangs.   Half of me wants to hem it to, but having done and experiment with this fabric, it really is best left with raw edges, so the drape isn't spoilt.  I have owned person-sized tunics with plenty of raw edges left, so I guess it's okay for a doll.

Next, for this ensemble, I want to make the tunic in violet - which I've had to order.  Some leg-warmers and arm-warmers, a hat, and a poncho with a cowl neck.  For each garment, it's probably that I'll make one or two before deciding it's good enough!

I do in actual fact suffer from a degree of OCD, It's part of my overall health issues and is borne from the anxiety and need to establish routines and some semblance of control over life - but I think people with OCD make good hobbyists, and ultimately it's good for the customers to know that the maker of their purchase is an incorrigible perfectionist!



  1. I like the gloves being part of the sleeves - very clever! Nothing wrong with being a perfectionist.... although I do get slightly obsessed with trying to make the perfect outfit sometimes lol !!

    1. I was trying to make it more "designer" lol, hence the gloves. ... Oh, I know the feeling when trying to get something spot-on. Your outfits always look good enough to eat though. :D


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