Thursday, 17 October 2013


Woke up horribly late today, and whenever I do that, I spend most of it in a blind panic.  Not good.   However, having done my chores, I managed to settle into my sewing and that calmed me down nicely.

I tackled the waistcoat that I've been promising myself to try, and I'm prety happy with the result.   It's hard to get drape when lining a stretch fabric, no matter how well a single thickness of the fabric drapes.  Double thickness is always tricky.

My Lizette always seems to look sad in any picture I take, but in this she looks a bit perkier... so at least she doesn't think I've made a terrible fashion blunder. ;)

The waistcoat fits perfectly, which is great.  It does add a bit of thickness to the doll's waist though, because it's self-lined.  It's fastened with a pin at the moment, but I'll figure out a better fastening for it soon.

It's kind of a ragamuffin look, which I personally love.  You can also see where the sleeves form gloves better in this shot than previous ones. 

I still want to make arm and legwarmers, with some kind of hat.  My problem at this time is - what fabric to use for arm-warmers?  I only have the three fabrics that make the tunic, waistcoat and leggings. Using the print would be pointless, because the sleeves are print.  I don't really want to use the dark teal I've used for the leggings, which leaves the waistcoat fabric.  I wonder if it will be too much if I make arm-warmers in the same colour. Does it even need arm-warmers?  I hope people looking at this can leave some input. I welcome constructive comments from anyone, please don't be shy.

(I think one of the mid browns in the print might make good arm and legwarmers, but I'd need to buy some. And I've spent far too much this month)



  1. So sweet and I love her boots (no leg warmers)

    1. HI Beverly, thanks for popping over! Hmm, I kind of had my heart set on legwarmers. I might make some and just see how they look. It was more armwarmers that I wasn't sure about.

  2. Fab - I'm a big fan of teal! I'd probably try arm warmers in the same colour as the waistcoat - I think it should work. But yes I could also see the coffee coloured brown in the print working as well. Not sure about the boots with the outfit - but that's probably just me... we got three pairs of awesome cowboy boots today - the Ells are fighting over them!!! ;)

    1. Me too. I love teal, turquoise and aqua. Almost as much as purple. ;) I'm working on a hat atm, but I'll think more about arm and legwarmers as I sew, heh.

    2. Ack, I hit publish before I meant to. I hope to see photos of your new Ell boots :D

    3. Oh yes definitely pics of the boots - Genevieve won't let go of the red boots she's been holding on to them since I made her take them off....Teal goes well with purple too ;)


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