Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Bodice for Soom Rosette (Pure)

Having had a bit of a break, due to feeling fried and frazzled, I feel a bit better and I've picked up some sewing again at long last. Still not so good, but at least my interest has been piqued again.  I hate getting too anxious to even sew, but that's my life, and I've learned to just give things a rest when I need to.

I recently bought my first Soom rosette. I couldn't resist these lanky skinny girls.  I used to draw faeries a long way back, and I always elongated the bodies and exaggerated the skinniness.  I was delighted to see these dolls, because the proportions are so close to my early drawings.  :)

The poor thing is waiting for a face-up, but I started drafting and making a bodice using the masking tape method.

Having made the masking tape model, and marking the seams, I carefully cut it off the doll, and made up the pattern.

Here's the first draft, all sewn up. Fully lined as usual. The shoulders don't quite sit perfectly, so I'll have to amend that and make a second bodice.   It's looking okay though.  Can't wait to finish my first Rosette dress.


  1. This is going to be a great tutorial!

  2. Thanks Vera :) It's not so much a tutorial, more a series of progress reports, heh.


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