Sunday, 10 November 2013

Leggings to fit Soom Rosette.

The next stage of this outfit is to make some leggings to go under the dress.   I recently made some for Ellowyne Wilde dolls, so I tried a pair on my Rosette.  They fit darned well!  So, yes. I'm happy about that.

I will of course tweak the pattern and make them to match a feminine cream voile dress, but here they are, with details on the photo.

Details here as well.  Gracefaerie patter 56, "Team Hoodie Warms Up".  The pattern is for Kaye Wiggs girls, but the Gracefaerie site says to print the PDF pattern out at 90% for Ellowyne Wilde dolls.   As luck would have it, the pattern doesn't really need any tweaking at all, if you want cropped leggings.

Needless to say, I'll post more pictures of the adjusted leggings as I make them.



  1. They fit really well - looking forward to seeing the rest of the outfit!!

  2. I was surprised at how well they do fit, considering that Ell is a bit bigger in the bum, and a different hip-shape to these girls :)


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