Wednesday, 30 April 2014

12" Fashion dolls

I have over a dozen 12" and Barbie-sized dolls on my shelf, all looking forlorn and either butt nekkid, or poorly dressed.   I also needed a break from the 16" doll sizes, so I decided to sit and draft a few new patterns for my poor neglected gals.

I rather enjoy working with stretch fabrics lately, so I've drafted a new raglan top, which can also be lengthened into a dress.  I used the clingfilm - (That's Saran wrap to you Yankee Doodles - no offence meant, I don't mind being called a Limey, heh.)  - and masking tape.  Starting on my lovely (expensive!) Integrity Nu-Face dollies, I used a pants patter that I made some time ago, and adapted it so I can make cropped tight pants, or boot cut pants.

Firstly, I made some moleskin bootcut pants and a red raglan top for my Colette:  I think the pink scarf is from a Moxie Teenz.   I quite like the way it clashes.  But the fit is good and I'm pleased with the prototype top.

With that in mind, I altered my pattern to make the top a bit longer, and shaped around the bottom hem:  It turned out well, even though with this scale, it's sometimes hard to stop stretch fabrics curling up at the hem.

With a pair of floral pants, and a waistcoat, I made a sort of flower power ensemble, modelled here by my lovely Erin.  Ignore the purple ink on the top. It's vanishing ink, and I marked out some flowers that I was going to do with seed beads, but I'm not sure if  it will be too much with the floral waistcoat.

It's quite nice to just sewing for my own dollies.  Even though I really, REALLY, love to sell my work, so might end up offering some of these new items in my Etsy store - at some point.   It's the biggest compliment that someone would pay for my hard work, and Etsy is kind of addictive from a selling point of view too.



  1. Wowser, fab ensemble and Erin - well what a looker! I say go with the flowers, I hadn`t even realised the purple was just ink, it looks like part of the outfit :) Ha, and don`t get me started on the addictiveness of selling :) xx

    1. She is lovely isn't she? Colette is quite a looker too, and my Giselle and Imogen are just as stunning, but they're still waiting for their new threads. I have 4 nu-face dolls, and they're soooo expensive, plus all the customs charges I have to pay, but I so want a couple more! I'll have to sell some things before I buy new dollies though.

      Oh god yes, it's just fab to sell. Especially when you really need the income. Been there. xxx

  2. Nice outfit and she's a very pretty model as well! My problem is I make things and like them too much to sell.....

    1. Hee, I think I'm lucky in that I get very bored of seeing a doll in an outfit for too long, and I always want to put on a new outfit. Soooo, I'm trying to dress all my dolls, and only sell the outfits I've taken off them to to replace with a new one - if that makes sense!


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