Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Feeling Spring-y.

However unwell I feel over winter, as soon as the sun peeks in through my window in spring, I usually feel more like sewing.  Having managed to create a couple of really good outfits recently, I'm beginning to remember photographing them whilst in progress again.   (I zoom ahead and the camera sits there, forgotten.)

So for this outfit - another boned corset outfit - I'm using pink and green.   A scary colour combo, but I just LOVE light pinks and pale leaf greens together. They're so spring/summery.   For the skirt I've used some gorgeous Liberty Tana Lawn.  SO EXPENSIVE.   But totally worth it.   I love this particular print. It's enabled me to use cream in the colour scheme, so I now have pink, green and cream.   Which should look very pretty.

The skirt is fully lined with cream cotton voile.   The yoked waistband and all the gathering are done by hand.  I've used the machine for the long straight side seams, the top stitching (except for the green waistband topstitching which is done by hand) and the hems.   It's so great to attach lace with the machine.  Saves my poor fingers no end.

When it comes to curved seams on bodices, sleeves and corsets, I always revert to hand sewing. So much more control that way, and my corsets have a couple of secret processes that just don't lend themselves to machine stitching.  Here's all my bits cut out and marked up ready.   I like to mark my seams with vanishing ink. Time consuming, but it makes for fantastic accuracy and fit. :)

More tomorrow...  if I remember to pick up the camera.



  1. I love that gorgeous Liberty Tana Lawn and your stitching is exquisite!

    1. Thank you kindly! :)

      And yes, Liberty fabric, yummy.

  2. I know exactly what you mean - the sun comes out and I want to crochet again - I've been knitting a lot lately!! Funnily enough I was trying (and failing!) to make something with a pink and green variegated yarn - I think it's called apple blossom - so it must be the colour for spring lol!! Love the skirt fabric - you can't beat Liberty fabric - just lovely!

    1. I've seen your mouthwatering knits on Flickr, so gorgeous! I've always loved pink and green - they have to be he right shades though.


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