Friday, 18 April 2014

I love corsetry

And today I managed to finish off the pink/green corset outfit for Ell.  I've had a blast making these new boned corsets, and I might make another, but I'm all fired up with ideas for using up my Liberty lawn, so yes. The dilemma of what to sew next has already struck.  ;)

I took some arty shots of my bits and bobs, which I almost manage to keep tidy these days.

Cotton reels are always good for macro shots. Did I mention I like pink and green?

Then I stopped faffing around with my camera and made the armlets.   The buttonholes are tiny pieces of careful crochet which I sewed into the  armlets as I lined them, it's vastly more efficient than hand stitching lots of individual buttonhole loops.  It looks very pretty too.  Sort of lacy.

And here she is in her fab new get-up.   Very Easter-y. Despite the lack of bonnet.  It always surprises me when making this outfit, that when the skirt and corset are done, they can seem almost mismatched - but then once the armlets are added they pull the whole ensemble together beautifully.

And one of the gals together in their corset outfits.  Ell's with the Liberty lawn, and Pru's with soft cotton voile.   I love this look. If I was 20 years younger I'd totally wear this.

Now I'm off to clear my desk and gaze wistfully at the huge box of patterns I seem to have.   I swear five minutes ago all I had was three thin folders for my doll patterns. Now I have a big plastic storage tub, and several box files full of the things.



  1. Crochet edging is very useful for buttonholes!! Love the finished outfit and don't they both look gorgeous in their Easter outfits!
    Your patterns sound like my yarn.... once I only had a small stash... now the stash is getting out of hand ..... but I do love hand dyed/hand painted yarn... it's so pretty..... lol!!!!

    1. It is! I'd even like to crochet some of my own trims, but Most of them seem to be worked to length, rather than using just a few stitches to keep going until it's as long as you want it... if that makes sense.

      Hand dyed yarns and fabrics are just sumptuous. :)

    2. I know what you mean re crochet trims - you usually have to have starting chain the length you want - if I come across any patterns where you can just keep going until it's long enough I'll let you know :)

    3. Ohh I'd be grateful, thanks :) I keep looking for those, but never seem to find any.

  2. As usual everything you make is outstanding! I really appreciate you sharing the pictures, thanks.

    1. I'm just really happy that the blog gets looked at from time to time! So thank you for reading and commenting. :)


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