Saturday, 10 May 2014

A word on pockets. And glue.

When making pockets, Copydex is your best friend.    Now, I don't hold with the fact that glued items are less well-made than stitched ones.  If you use good quality glues, and use them WELL,  they can assist in your creative endeavours no end.

Most people use Aleene's tacky glue,  which I use myself, but I also use Copydex, and proper loctite super glue.  All of these, used for the right things, are good for dolly arts and crafts.

Right. With such tiny pockets, I fold over the edges to keep them nice and neat.  I could tack them all in place to hold them, but using the tiniest dabs of Copydex means I have an instant tacking system.  It saves time and tears.  I could use Aleene's, but Copydex dries soft and very quickly. It's easy to get a needle through the glue and the fabric.  Aleene's sets really hard, and I can never get my sewing needles through the stuff without using pliers. You can forget sewing through superglue... that stuff sets like concrete, and I only use when nothing else will do, which is hardly ever.

So here are my miniscule pockets for the Ken doll's cargo pants.  Two very small for the back pockets, and three for the legs, plus pocket flaps for each one means making ten tiny little pieces altogether.   All these will have to be stitched across the tops, then sewn securely to the pants themselves.

So much fiddle and faff... but I insist on perfect results.  And that, ladles and jellyspoons, is why I charge a premium for my doll outfits.   They are indeed labours of love, but with sore fingers and by the end of the afternoon - an aching back, I would rather keep my work for my own dolls than sell it for less than it's worth.


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