Thursday, 29 May 2014

Creating patterns, the story so far...

I've been working really hard on my first doll pattern.  I stuck to something simple  - a teeshirt for Ken dolls, but felt I needed to add some extra value, so I've added the options of long sleeves and a turtle neck.  I know I keep banging on about how much work it is, but I sew a seam, take a photo, repeat, and repeat, lots of times, then I upload the pics and write out what to do while it's all still fresh in my mind.

I've nearly finished the teeshirt pattern now - and will be selling them as not just patterns, but PDF tutorials as well.  Instead of just plain instructions, the tutorials will be packed with photos and I will share some of my techniques on how to get things to look great.  :)

I'm kind of excited about this, and realistically I don't expect to sell many patterns for guys - BUT, once I get into the female doll stuff, I'm hoping my reputation will be good enough so that people will want to buy the pattern/tutorials.  

I was thinking of calling the range of patterns 'Options'  - but that sounds too much like a  chocolate drink, lulz. So Yeah.  Anyway, I need to tweak for typos and make sure it's all easy to read.  Here's Ty looking awesome in the first Raccoon's Rags pattern.

Also, I've figured out how to save my tutorials as PDF's in both A4 AND US letter size.  "Options" really is the whole theme of what I'm doing. People like options.  I like to offer choice in a way that doesn't have me working so hard that my stress-related illness puts paid to my ideas.

The way I'm going to sell them, is I'll set a fair price for a PDF pattern/tutorial which will include the highly detailed instructions, a 'how to print your pattern' document, and a PDF of the pattern pieces themselves.   People can then have the option of paying a small amount extra for me to send them a printed copy of the pattern pieces only.  The instructions don't really need to be printed - I never print them out when I buy a PDF pattern, I just read them from my tablet.  That keeps the need to print down, which keeps costs down, which can only be good for my customers, right?   People can always choose to print out their instructions on their own printers.

I hope that sounds okay to people.   It's what a few folks of Facebook have said seems a reasonable thing to do.

Anyway, I've made a good start on the pants/jeans pattern :)  Go Raccoon.


  1. Sounds like a plan - GoRaccoon lol!!! I always use the tablet for instructions - I don't bother printing out knitting or crochet patterns either these days - just download to the laptop and then put them in my dropbox folder and by magic I can then access them on the tablet- it's the main reason I have the tablet! Waiting to see what patterns you have for Ell - I've got the sewing bug at the moment (it won't last......)

    1. Ooh, I missed this comment. Yus, now I have a tablet the Tesco Hudl, I love it for things like this. It's saving me from having boxes full of papers and many bookshelves. Dropbox is great. Google drive is pretty good too, and you get more free space. I will be doing some Ell ones, but it will all take lots of time, alas.


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