Saturday, 17 May 2014

Custom face-up for Rosette Violet (by Krowbar)

A few months ago,  I treated myself to a Soom Pure Rosette BJD, and I'm loving the long, skinny, lanky body.   She's the first doll I've bought without a faceup, because I wanted to go to Dr Krow (Krowbar) specifically.  She's amazing, I love her work and it's a huge bonus to have such a good artist here in the UK.

Well, the doll is everything I asked for and more.  Dr Krow really listens to what the customer wants and comes up with stunning work.    I asked for no gloss on the lips or eyes, because sometimes it makes photographing a doll a bit tricksy.   When she arrived to day, I had to shove my 12" boys aside and attach eyelashes, then find a pair of eyes that fit.   With eyelashes, less is more, I think.  So I chose relatively short ones and am glad I did, they look really long on her.

I've taken a couple of shots of her in different wigs, and will try to get out the tripod tomorrow to try and capture the tiny detail in her face better.   I just love those freckles!  My first dolly with freckles too.  She's fab.

This brunette wig is an Ellowyne Wilde wig.  It fits nicely if I use a silicone wig cap and I think is my favourite.  I'll probably use this as her 'main' wig.

Next, another Ell wig.   Mid-brown with a fringe.  Quite cute.

And here's the wig Soom sent in the box when she was shipped.   It's kind of okay, but I like the Ell wigs better.  If I have a doll with beautiful eyebrows, I quite like to be able to see them.

All in all she's great, but very floppy.  I've tightened the elastic inside her but will probably have to wire her as well. The head/neck joint needs sueding too, as her head tends to flop around a bit.   I don't mind having to do a bit of work on new BJD's.  It kind of makes me feel like a doll is more 'mine' when I have to do a couple of mods.



  1. She's lovely - I think I like the Ello wig with the fringe best - beautiful face up and I love the freckles. The Soom wig looks too big for her face although I do like the colour of it!!

    1. Now you say abotu the wig, I keep looking at it and thinking you're right. :) And yes the Soom wig is a gorgeous colour.


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