Thursday, 22 May 2014

Denim jacket for 12" male doll

As I've said before - I do own a sewing machine, but mostly I sew by hand. In fact everyone may safely assume that all of my doll garments have been hand-stitched unless I specifically say I've been playing with the sewing machine.   Hand sewing gives a lot more control when easing fabric to fit,  it's therapeutic, and I just love it.   With my slight OCD, and my not-so-slight stress related illness,  something repetitive yet creative is just perfect.

Backstitch is my friend. :)

I thought I could adapt my recent coat pattern for a denim jacket pattern. Which turned out to be partly true.   Soooo many pieces for this one! I looked at human sized denim jackets online, and there are even more components in those than I've got here, but for such a small scale project, I decided this should be okay for my needs.

The finished jacket looks pretty good, but I had to alter it substantially to fit.  I'll also have to tweak the pattern a heck of a lot to get the next one just right.   It looks great in the pics, but I couldn't get the fronts to hang right without pinning the back.  You can't see it in the pictures here, but the back needs a lot of adjustment still.

Because I'd put so much work into this, and because I won't be selling it, I'll settle for the pinned version, but my obsession with getting things perfect means I'll probably have to make another one soon.   I love the little metal studs I ordered, so I used several to mimic buttons and rivets.   I also did a spot of embroidery to mimic buttonholes.  I can't for the life of me figure out how to make actual buttonholes in such a small scale, on denim, which frays so easily; even with fray-check.

There's so much top-stitching in jeans and denim jackets!  But well worth the effort.  :)



  1. Fab jacket ....I think your faux buttonholes work really well!!

    1. When I see doll clothes with actual buttonholes - I'd love to know how it's done!


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