Sunday, 25 May 2014

Finished 2nd jacket for 12" male doll.

Managed to finish the new denim jacket yesterday.   It's amazing the difference the embellishments make.   Those pockets are a pain. I mean ,they're okay now I have a system, but lots of work for two tiny bits of fabric!   It's a good job the difference is worth it.

I also love these tiny metal studs in antique copper and brass.  I may have overused them, but  do I care?

And here's Ty in faded black (dark grey really)  jeans, and the new jacket.   Maybe he'll get a darker teeshirt to go with the ensemble. I think that might look better.

Next, I'm tempted to try selling some patterns, but I'll need to make items using each pattern, and photograph the process, so people can understand how to do it.   Loads of work involved, more than folks realise.  Especially when I don't know how to convert them to PDF and keep them the right size when they're printed out by potential customers. So I'll start off with maybe a teeshirt and see how it goes.  I have boxes full of patterns, which - sorry to be morbid - will probably just get chucked in the bin once I'm gone.  Maybe I should start recording them for posterity.



  1. Such a nice tailored jacket.. love the studs... hehe.. not saying what kind teehee


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