Monday, 12 May 2014

Finished cargo pants for Ken

I know I keep blithering on about making these darn pockets, but the work involved is much more than you'd think.   Cut the pockets, turn the hems over, sew the tops, do the same for all the flaps, sew the pockets to the pants, sew the flaps to the pants.  Argh.  I have sore fingers and these trousers have taken me three days to make. Often I can make a simple air in an afternoon, so yes.

 WIP.  Still.

Any old hoo, once I'd done that and got the waistband attached, I was able to finish off the back pocket flaps, and attach a fastener.  The rivets were the best part though.  I love using rivets on doll trousers/jeans.

Not quite finished here, belt loops still need to be added.

I did have time to make a teeshirt today, however.  I picked a charcoal grey because the plan is to make a black 3/4 length coat.  That's going to take some doing, because I can't even find a paid for pattern for a coat for Ken.  I could use a stock jacket pattern I guess, but meh.  I'll see if I can create my own coat pattern first.  I resent paying good money for patterns when I know I'm capable of learning how to do it myself.

Now the tee and the trews are done, he looks great.  I'm so pleased.  :)  These pants are actually bias-cut.  I've been wanting to try it and see how it works for a long time, and now I have, I find the slight stretch you get from the bias moulds itself around the doll's butt and hips nicely.

And one from the side back.  The pockets are indeed LOTS of work, but the end result is so worth it.  I might make the next ones with slightly larger pockets though. As a rule, cargo pants pockets are easy to slide your whole hand into, and these are just that bit smaller than Ken's hands.

I have such a gurlie crush on my Ken doll.  How sad is that?     I spent a good amount of time re-styling his hair yesterday.   It's a little slicker, but still looks good slightly mussed.  I think it now looks a bit less 80's than it did before.

 I'm not usually one for fancy filters.  I like a good clear photo, but I had a little fun with this one. What a heart-throb. ;)



  1. As always, I am blown away by how detailed these tiny clothes are. You are amazingly talented!

    1. Thank you! :) It's much harder work with these 12" dolls than it is with the larger 16" ones, but still great fun.


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