Monday, 19 May 2014

Raccoon's stash

Having re-organised my fabric stash, I felt so proud of my neatness (yeah right) that I thought I'd share.

This is my favourite drawer, so many pretty colours.

This one isn't so pretty, and it struck me that I haven't used a lot of these - which tells me I need to stop buying fabric and get on with using some up!

And another purty one.  I found a load of cotton voiles that were surprisingly inexpensive. I use these a lot for petticoats and linings.  The whites and creams on the left are the ones I get through the most, so I make sure I'm always well stocked.

I tend to keep a lot of fabrics for hand-dying too.   Which I don't always get around to doing. I need a good sunny day for it, because I share a house and the garden is the best place for drying all the bits.

Having a teeny tiny bedroom, which is also my sewing room, I have too much fabric for my drawers. Luckily under-bed storage is easily available.

I could probably organise my stuff a lot better really, but I get used to zimming around on my chair going to where I know everything is kept quite quickly.    But yes, that's my fabric stash, and it's hardly ever this tidy. ;)



  1. Lovely fabric stash... and beautifully ordered. I wish I could get the yarn stash in some sort of order - no I don't think that's going to happen either lol!! I just need to stop buying yarn.... nope that's never going to happen either lol!!

    1. It's so much harder with yarn! I know because I used to knit, and i had binliners FULL of all different colours. I quite liked this idea - but I think it probably won't work for skeins?

    2. That's is a fab idea but not sure it would work with my stash lol!!! I've got 2 laundry bins of hand dyed skeins! The crochet yarn is slightly more organised as I got that in little storage units with drawers! Basically it's just everywhere.... but it's nice to look at lol!!! Me bad I bought fat quarters today..... didn't need them but they were pretty ..,,, lol!!!

    3. Oh my gosh, that's a lot of skeins! I understand the lure of the pretty. ;)


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