Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Well, a while back, many years in fact, I made a couple of doll hybrids, with Bratz heads and Barbie bellybutton bodies.  I liked them, but I'm none too keen on Bratz, unless I can repaint them.. Due to my age and my not-so-good eyesight, that's harder to do these days... BUT  I do love the cute faces of Moxie Girls. I think they're a much nicer doll than Bratz, so I grabbed a couple of pivotal Barbie bodies and matched them up to the darker-skinned Moxies.

I had two very pale skinned Moxie heads left over, and couldn't seem to find matching Barbie pivotal bodies for love or money.   But recently I ordered a Frank Sinatra Barbie, and an Elvis Barbie.  A couple of collectors on Flickr have some very interesting info on the pivotal Barbie skintones, which I made good use of.

Here:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/salvadordeluniverso/13949679516/

And here:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/salvadordeluniverso/6070724263/

(I did attempt to use the Twilight doll, with the really pale skin, even though it's not a pivotal body, but it was far too pale even for Moxies.  However, I'll keep it, in case a really pale head comes along.)

The Sinatra doll arrived today, so I unceremoniously ripped her head off, and replaced it with Avery from Moxie Girlz.

The skintone is perfect.   And I love how grown up, yet still pretty these dolls look when re-bodied.

I also really like the Sinatra outfit. Although the hat obviously won't fit such a big head!  this Avery doll had been scalped, and given a Monique gold "Paris" wig.  It's super-silky, and really hard to control, but so glossy and smooth that I love it.  I'll have to find some light gel spray to tame it a bit.  I've heard sugar water is good for styling dolly hair.  It washes out easily and doesn't damage the saran/nylon/whatever.

Still waiting for the Elvis Barbie. I hope it matches my final Moxie head...



  1. She looks much better on the Barbie body!!

    1. They look more like teenagers than children on the Barbie bodies, but they still suit pretty flowery frocks too, heh.


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