Monday, 19 May 2014

Two outfits for Ken

I seldom make 'batches' of clothing, but I've spent the last few days making two teeshirts and two pairs of jeans for Ken.   ... He really needs a batter name than that.

Remember my 'no more dolls'  wailing?  Erm, well. I've bought a Barbie Basics Ken - the good looking dark haired one, and I plan to re-body him on a fashionistas Ryan.  So much for my resolve.

But back to the subject in hand.   Two tees and two pairs of jeans.   Very happy so far.  The jeans need finishing off. I've bought some 3mm studs from Ebay in antique copper and antique brass, which I'll use to embellish.   Belt loops need to be added too, so I'll be doing that later today.

And here's one extra of the Rosette doll, I've named her Holly, because she seems to like it and she was a Christmas present, sort of.  From me to me, heh.  I found a Monique Gold wig that looks good one her.  Unfortunately it's Lizette's, so there might be squabbling.



  1. Me to me presents are always the best ..... I'm a big fan of those!!! Love that wig on her and Holly is a great name for her! Was only thinking when I looked at the pics on flickr Ken needs a better name lol!!! It's so not the name for a cool biker boy lol!!

    1. Me too! You always get what you want, lulz. Yeah, I'm thinking of something better for Ken. He's getting another friend soon, so they'll both need names.

    2. Maybe when you get them both name inspiration will hit!!l

  2. I've been reading a series of books about a couple of FBI agents called Ty and Zane, so I'm thinking of calling him Ty, and when the dark-haired doll gets here, hell probably be Zane. Maybe.


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