Wednesday, 14 May 2014

I'm such a guuurl...

...That I don't usually think twice about action figures.  However, I've always wanted to create a look for a fictional character of mine, who's based on Mr McGregor.  Having found the Obi Wan Padawan figure from Sideshow, I'm pretty pleased.

It's a pretty good portrait of McGregor, but he does look a bit manic to me - which is kind of okay for the character, but I keep looking at the face and wanting to darken the brows just a shade, and maybe enlarge the irises.  I wish I was that good a repaint artist.

 I've airbrushed the neck joint in these pics. It looks a bit ropey, and he'll probably have to wear a turtleneck to cover it up.  Which again is okay for the character.  Probably.

The body is great, really poseable, but I've yet to try out some of Ken's clothing on him.  Hope it fits. If not I'll try to re-body the spare head on a Ken body.  Yep, this figure comes with two heads, which is great for my needs.  :)

Oh, and did I mention the lightsabre actually lights up?  Hee, I'm such a kid.


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