Friday, 30 May 2014

New guy on the block

Lordy, they're horrendously expensive now, but I HAD to get me a Barbie Basics model #15 male doll. He's so handsome, I couldn't resist.   Now I've got him home and partially removed his clothing - I realise, man .. he's ripped. What a sex god. ;) The photo doesn't do him justice. So yeah, meet Zane.

Anyway, I took this shot of him on my workdesk to show him off - and I swear this shot wasn't set up - but look at Ty in the background toying with Phoenix's baseball bat!   It made me laugh. I can't decide whether he's casting an appreciative eye over the new guy, or if he wants to do him some serious damage.

The two fictional characters I named the boys after, are actually FBI agents who are having an affair whilst out doing their FBI thang.  Ty Grady is a bit of a nutjob, and Zane Garrett is a little more level headed.   So with that in mind... I'm really not sure what Ty might have in mind for that baseball bat... 


But yes, I'll be doing something with Zane's hair.  Long hair on guys doesn't really do it for me so I will definitely re-style it, and maybe shorten it just a little.   I'd quite like to repiant his irises too. I'm not so keen on the fact they don't fill his eyes, but I'll have to be feeling brave and have a non-shaky-hands day to attempt that.

He's a great doll, despite the singular rigid pose and lack of articulation.  I did buy an articulated Fashionistas Ryan to re-body him with, but the neck is too short! He looks weird on the Fashionista body, so it looks like he;s stuck with his won.  Ah well. He's still worth having, bigtime. :)



  1. I think he needs a bit of a haircut too!!! Looking forward to seeing the transformed Zane -perfect name for him! I reckon that Ty sees him as competition for outfits and is about to take him out - great pic though lol!!

    1. Yeah, there's going to be an almighty fight over those new clothes... ;)


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