Friday, 2 May 2014

Nu-Face hippie outfit.

I know Erin looks more hippie chick than Giselle, but the stone colour of the stretch top looks better against Giselle's skintone.

I finally decided to add some little bead flowers to the neckline.  I hope it's not too much with the roses on the waistcoat, but I  felt the top was too  bare without some kind of d├ęcor.

I've tried a couple of things for the Nu-Face gals, which went horribly wrong, so I can't even find the willpower to photograph them, but it's all a leaning curve.  I'm currently planning another pants outfit, with a long sleeved top and jacket, so we'll see how they go :)

Also... I've been on Ebay again. I really should stay well away from that evil, evil, place.  It makes me spend far too much money.  Hence I've got three new IT Dynamite Girls arriving soon, and a couple of collectors Barbies.   I'm not a particular lover of Barbie - I loathe many of the sculpts, but I have two pale Moxie Girlz heads on Liv bodies.  I've decided I don't much like Liv bodies.  They may be well-articulated, and they may stand up reasonably well, but they're kind of ugly and a pain to pose, so I'll put the Moxie heads onto the new pale pivotal Barbie bodies. Lets hope they match well.  I htink Moxie Girlz are SO darned pretty, and they look great on Barbie bodies. I also have some old patterns to fit belly-button Barbies, so it will make designing their new clothes much easier.


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