Saturday, 24 May 2014

RE-tailoring the 12" doll jacket

The black denim Jacket I recently made for 12" male dolls was great from the front, but I had to pin the back drastically to get it to hang right.   As you can see in this picture below, a substantial amount of fabric had to be pinned, and also - which is not so clear, is that the centre back of the jacket was too high.

I wonder how many doll sewers make something that contains loads of work and looks so nice; but contains one rather large mistake.  I can't bear to throw out a garment like that, so for now it will remain pinned, but I have started work on tweaking the pattern.

I turned the jacket inside out, put it on the doll and marked all the alterations that needed to be made to the seams. Then I copied the adjustments to my pattern and started sewing again.   This is just what one has to do to get a perfect pattern.  Very often I need to re-make a garment up to six or seven times before I'm satisfied.

Here's the nearly-finished jacket, without the final top-stitching and embellishments.  It hangs great, and that adjusted collar rocks my world. :)

Okay, so it's not a particularly masculine colour, but I dig guys in tie dye, and I dig guys who can wear pink.  So here's we've got the two rolled into one.   I'll probably give him a 60's  flower power feel.  Maybe.

And here's the back.   When sewing coats for dolls, it's well worth having a curved back seam because even guys have a good curve down the spine and over the butt.  I've been cutting most of my garments on the bias too lately, because I've found there is so much 'ease' in the fabrics that way.  It's great for fitting tiny curved seams together.

I put it on the doll in a bit of a hurry, but at least you can see it fits without a pin, an the back is a little lower. I like a denim jacket to just cover the top of a pair of jeans.

Also, I decided on a new name for him.  I've been reading the 'Cut and Run' series of books by Abigail Roux and Madeleine Urban, which I adored from start to finish.  It's about a couple of FBI agents called Ty Grady and Zane Garret.   I know the colouring of the characters is a little different to my dolls, but this guy is now being called Ty, and when the Barbie Basics model 15 Ken arrives, He'll be Zane. =^-^=


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