Friday, 30 May 2014

Restyle for Zane

Constantly blogging lately.  Anything I do doll-wise seems to make me want to squawk about it here. >_>   But what the heck, it's too much fun.

Anyway, much as I love my new Barbie Basics Ken... who I've named Zane, he was a little too Tarzan for my liking.  Not that I have anything against Tarzan, but I dig guys with shorter hair.  So I've used the hot water technique to shape his style, then tentatively trimmed the front, and I've given the back a good cut and shape.  

He has gel in at the moment and it's still wet, but once it's dry, it should look less slick and a little softer.   Hopefully more like Ty's style.

I've also used watercolour pencils to see how he looks with darker brows and slightly larger irises.   Watercolour pencils are fab for this - because if you cock up massively, it wipes off with a damp cloth.  I may re-do him in acrylics later on.  If I get a no-shaky-hands day.  I miss being able to tweak a dolls faceup.  My eyes are rubbish now I'm older, and it takes magnifying craft glasses and my massive magnifier with the attached light for me to do even a tiny job.

Ah well. I'm still twelve years old in my heart.  :)

Zane looks full of attitude here, heh.  Ty's still considering battering him with that baseball bat for nicking his new teeshirt... or he might just mercilessly ridicule him for having such shiny arms..... I wish I could do something about those arms.

What I really, really, want next, is another Harley Ken so I can do a full re-root.  But they're phenomenally expensive now.  Eeep.

And it appears that Tonner do a Sheldon Cooper doll. Oh, the temptation.



  1. Glad it's not just me that still thinks they're 12 lol!!! Fab transformation Zane looks so much better with his haircut! Have to say he has got very shiny arms- he needs a few tattoos to cover them up lol!! Yep getting older is a pain - I struggle with threading a needle these days - it's not fair!!

    1. Never grow up, never surrender! Yus, they really do shine rather a lot. I may have to attack him with some clear matte sealant. I'm okay if I use strong reading glasses, trouble is - they keep getting stronger!


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