Friday, 9 May 2014

Tee-shirt for Ken

I've never been a fan of the Ken doll, but one of the Harley-Davidson Ken's is just such a hunk - I think I'm a little bit in love with him.   The neck joint is much better than on most male playline 12" dolls. His hair is rooted and not too bad a style, and he doesn't have that inane grin that a lot of Kens seem to have.

In short, he's perfect, and I <3 him.  Look at those abs. And that tattoo....   *sigh*

So I've had this poor lad on my shelf for over a year now, and now I've ordered myself an Obi Wan action figure, I decided to make him some new bits and pieces for 12" males.

For drafting this teeshirt pattern, I didn't use my normal masking tape method, opting instead to do it all by careful measuring.   This is the first item of clothing that has gone perfectly from start to finish for me, using this method.  So I'm somewhat pleased with myself.

I used some old fabric I had lying around for this first draft.  It's a designer print from Spoonflower, with a sort of cobweb thing going on.  Tees always look rubbish before the side seams are closed:

And glory be.  Once I'd gotten so far, I realised it was going to be perfect.  :)  I might add just 5mm to the length, but otherwise, it's great.   Here he is in the finished item. He really rocks a nice figure-hugging tee.  I must make one with long sleeves too.

And here's a full shot. The jeans are from the Barbie Basics model 15 Ken, I love them, and will try to use them as a pattern for some combat pants.   Also! Red hot tip. YO-SD boots are a great fit for Harley Ken. His feet are pretty big, and he stands like a rock in these:

Yeah, they look kind of enormous, but anyone who knows me, knows how much I like dolls with big feets.  ;)



  1. Ken never looked so good!!! You need to get him a bike and a leather!!

    1. He does actually come with those, but I bought a nude doll without the trimmings, because I couldn't afford the boxed one! lolz.


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