Saturday, 10 May 2014

Trews for Ken

After yesterday's teeshirt, I embarked on some pants/jeans for Ken today.    Usually with trews, I  take apart an old dolly garment to get a pattern from the pices - but these are Barbie Basics jeans and they're too nice to wreck, so this time, I tried careful measuring, and tracing out the pattern shapes on squared paper, adding 5mm all round for my seam allowance.

These are the jeans I took the measurements from:

The first very rough test of the pattern went well.  In the picture below, on the left (your left, Ken's right) you can see the trews are too high at the waist, so on the opposite side, I marked and cut the fabric so that is was correct, and transferred the alterations to my paper pattern.

I used some old and not very attractive fabric for the first draft. No point in wasting my precious denim stash on something that might not work!

Next I was brave enough to use some marble-dyed cotton, which has a sort of denim look.   And with my amended pattern pieces, I began to sew the second draft.

And yay! only two drafts and the pattern is a success.

At the back, you can see the waistband fits snugly against the small of the doll's back, and doesn't gape.  I cut a cunningly shaped seam to fit over his bum.  It fits his rump pretty well.

They open in the front, and I've tidied up where the snap fastener is sewn in with a hotfix nailhead.

Of course these are plain.  Once you start adding pockets, belt loops and proper topstitching over the fly opening, it can change the appearance of the trews radically.  And of course, once you have a good basic pattern, you can start making baggier versions, skintight versions, cargo pants, long pants with turn-up, whatever takes your fancy.   I have cargo pants in mind for the next pair.

One more shot, with the teeshirt from yesterday. (And the big silly bootses) I'm enjoying making boys stuff.  :)



  1. Who knew outfits for the lads could look so good! I avoid sewing for boys like the plague lol but looking forward to seeing your cargo pants :)

    1. Heh, yeah, we do get to use prettier fabrics and easier patterns for girls clothes, but sometimes I enjoy doing guy stuffs. :)


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