Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Okay, for reasons I prefer to keep separate from my dolly blog, I've been really excited about this project with the Ken doll.   The teeshirt and pants surpassed my expectations, all very nice, but when it came to making a coat, I was terrified.

A kind friend pointed me towards some Ken Jacket patterns on facebook, but they weren't terribly good, even printed out at the correct scale.  Sooo, I wrapped the poor dolly in clingfilm and tissue, and went about trying to make a perfect coat pattern from scratch.  The tissie had to be laid over his existing clothing for a good fit, so I couldn't really use masking tape, because cutting it off after I'd marked up the pattern might have led to me accidentally cutting the teeshirt and pants.

Anyway.  I've always found coats the hardest things to get right, especially at this smaller scale, but after only one rough draft and a couple of tweaks, I embarked upon the second draft using my less expendable fabric.

I was delighted to find some black brushed cotton ( flannelette.)  It usually only comes in pastel colours so finding some in black was a real yay moment.

Okay, so once the body was stitched together, I managed to get the collar pressed and perfect.  I was still nervous, because to get something spot-on and later to find something else is horribly wrong is just awful.

Then I attached the sleeves - and so far so good.   At this point, my heart was in my mouth over this coat.  I  worked so late that I had to leave him like this overnight, and actually had dreams about sewing...   Which probably says more about me than Id like. ;)

And finally, this morning, I closed up the sides and the sleeves.   Wow.   I think cutting my 1/6th scale doll clothes on the bias pays dividends.  Cutting the fabric this way does seem to make the clothing mould itself to the doll very nicely.

It needs some buttons, which I'll have to order.  I doubt if I'll add snap fasteners to the front, because this character tends never to button up his coat.   I just love it. I can't believe I've created a coat that fits so well just on the second draft.

Aaand the only problem with black brushed cotton is that I can't quite get all the tiny bits of fluff of the darn stuff.  I may have to attack him with some sticky tape...

But that shaped back seam I designed into the pattern is just perfect.  Most of my dolly coats were Pippa sized (six inch dolls) and the coats were never quite perfect from the back, in my eyes, although most of my customers were incredibly happy with them.  I would like patch pockets and maybe a belt at the back of the coat, but I might make another one anyway - perhaps just half an inch longer too.

Making this set has been a thrill.  And I'm keeping it for my own dolls.  =D  Very occasionally, some things are just too good to part with.



  1. Wow.. you did a great job with the Jacket.. very nice... I love how the back looks.. just like a tailored man Jacket

    1. I had a brainwave with the back, and realised I could fit it nicely, and leave the sides straight. I can't recommend making a pattern by the wrapping method highly enough. I'm really not brilliant with shapes and things being slightly dyslexic, and it's a great way fo being confident when drafting patterns. :)

  2. Hey!

    I wanted to know if you would be willing to make another one to sell?
    If so, I would love to purchase one from you :)


    1. Hi!

      Oh dear, I'm really sorry, but due to my anxiety-related health issues, I really can't accept any commissions or special orders. I do plan to release this a s a sewing pattern at some point though. xxx


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