Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A bits and pieces day

Needing a break from the pattern tutorials, I spent most of the day doing a re-root on one of my Dynamite Girls, Jett.    I hated her hairdo, which made her skull really tall and pointy - but lo,  once I'd removed all her hair, her actual skull was a bit tall and pointy too.  So I'm trying to give here a style like my Nu Face Erin, (lady in red)   Sort of wavy and hippie, with braids.

It's going okay.  I'll set it and style it tonight.

In the meantime. I am awaiting the family order of Chinese takeway we're getting in tonight.  Yay.

AND.   My new (second) Harley Davidson Ken arrived today too. I mean seriously, I've seen this doll for £183.00 on Amazon UK, but I managed to find one on Ebay that was a real bargain. Less than half the price.  Although I have to confess, if I did have to pay the full whack, I might well have done...

Yeah, I really love this doll.

I had to get him in the gift set with Barbie.  The one I have, Ty, was a nude doll I managed to buy really cheaply back when these guys were much less expensive, and with the gift set doll, I get all his clothing and his uber-cool shades.   I'll have to take pics and review  the set a bit.

I've noted the Barbie has really pale skin too, which is awesome, because pale skin Pivotal bodies are a tad difficult to find. Not to mention slightly expensive.

I dearly want to give this guy a new tattoo. And of course if he has one, Ty will have to have one.  I'm also gagging to try a Mohawk re-root.  But that's scary on such a beautiful male doll - I'd hate to ruin him.  I'll have to practice on one of my Monster High girls first.

Love the leather biker pants. And the chain!  *Swoon*

And recently, Spoonflower were offering a free 8 inch square sample of their new sports stretch fabric, so I ordered some in a 1/6 scale camouflage pattern.  It's not my design, alas, but there's this great designer on Spoonflower who has many dozens of different 1/6 scale camo prints.   I love this.

There's just enough in this to make a teeshirt for a Ken doll.  So my guys will have a cool camo teeshirt to fight over.

Phoenix will probably win, given that he's the one with the big gun...



  1. I can see why you like him - nice ..... I think he needs to ditch Barbie - he needs someone a bit edgier!! She's not saying Biker Babe to me....Some of the prices on Amazon UK for dolls are scary!!! I can't imagine him with a Mohawk - he's too pretty to spoil lol!!!

    1. Yus, she's too bimbo-looking. He'll hang out with my guy dolls anyway, and my Integrity girls are much edgier looking.

      I know. Sky high prices if you want to buy something in the UK. If you can even find it. My gift set including all customs charges was actually a real find.

      And no.. I think you're right. I won't Mohawk him. I'm not good enough with doll re-roots for that. I might enhance his hair a little. I kind of want one in blond and one with brown hair. I'll see how brave I'm feeling. Having just re-rooted Jett, and tried to style her hair, I'm seeing that I'd better not ruin my new Ken doll.


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