Sunday, 1 June 2014

Almost ready to go

All the work on the patterns is done. I've tweaked the PDF pattern pieces so they print out at exactly the right scale, spell-checked and finished off little bits here and little bits there.    I'll have two patterns for Ken dolls ready to sell in PDF format once I've finalised the selling price, and how I'm going to get it to my customers after payment.

The instructions/tutorial files are sizable, and too big for me to simply email them, so I'll be setting up a file share system and will leave the link for the customer for 7 days after payment.

Sooo yes, I hope I get some interest.  

I hate to post without visuals so here's a couple of extra pictures from the tutorials:

Next, I want to do a pattern for the coat and the denim jacket, but I'm waiting for the coat fabric I ordered to arrive. I could always crack on with the jacket :)  And probably will.



  1. Replies
    1. I'm kind of excited! I've been researching what people seem to be charging for their tutorials on Etsy - as this will be more of a tutorial and pattern than just pattern. So hopefully, I'll be able to put these on Etsy by tomorrow at the latest.

  2. Fab! I like the idea of using embroidery thread for the the belt loops - I have a large stash of embroidery thread (there's a surprise) lol!!

    1. Oh me too! When my dear mum passed away back in '98, I inherited a huge stash of embroidery and sewing threads. I still have a drawer stuffed full of them!


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