Tuesday, 24 June 2014

And another one :)

Wheeee. Another one finally complete and up for sale in my Etsy store.    It took a while this time. I wanted to be really thorough in the tutorial, and I made an extra jacket just to see what I could do with it.  

I managed to combine the pattern into a version for stretch fabrics and for non-stretch fabrics, with four different sleeve styles and two different front opening styles.  I like my patterns to be versatile, and I like to offer options.   Which takes a long old time to cover in the tutorial document, but so worth it.

The two jackets either side of Lizette have slightly different sleeves. (The bodies are the same.)  I wasn't happy with the way the sleeves were cut, so I improved them for the pattern.  The stretch version fits my Kid Delf dolls too, even with their big hands - the non-stretch, alas doesn't quite go over their fingers. But I'm pretty sure most slim MSDs don't have such massive hands and the non-stretch jacket should fit several different dolls.

There's also a tight, sexy version, if your use the stretch pattern pieces and use non-stretch fabric.  Here's Lizette looking demure yet somehow sultry. Not easy, but she pulls it off pretty well.

So now I get a day or two's break.  I want to Mohawk one of my Monster High dolls and am still waiting for the saran. I hope it arrives tomorrow.

I'm kind of excited for the next Ell pattern though. I want to do a bakerboy hat/bonnet, a pair of leggings and some gloves.  In face I have a whole heap of ideas lined up for patterns.   This will definitely be the year of the tutorials for me.  ;)



  1. Amazing work, you are going great guns! I`d love to try this style of top for pips.... :)

    1. I would look great on Pip, if you can get the sleeves right. Maybe stretch fabric would be easier?

  2. Well done you - very nice! I will be purchasing but need to finish what I've started with the dress pattern first otherwise I'll just get sidetracked by the nice new pattern lol!! Poor Zoe is still waiting for her accessories but I have managed to cut out dress number 2.... now I just need lots of time.....

    1. Oh no problem at all. I already love you forever for buying the dress pattern AND posting the results. I seldom get to see my work on other peoples dolls, even the outfits don't seem to get photographed.

      Dress number 2 isn't too difficult to make. Puff sleeves are easier then tailored ones, although if you know the method, tailored sleeves are really satisfying!


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