Thursday, 12 June 2014

Ell tunic dress.

Yes, yes, I know. I've started already.  ;)

Taking this one slowly so I can explain all the bits with an unflustered head.  I must say, since I started taking shots of my work properly, my workspace is pretty tidy.  And kinda coordinated at the mo. Purely by accident.  I think the orange thread matches the scissor handles.

Carrying on with the sewing and the pattern.  Couple of visual teasers here.  (Quick one today, I want to go and have my dins.)

And I rewarded myself by playing around with Phoenix too.  I'm loving the new body. It's incredibly pose-able.   The only trouble is, I kinda suck at thinking of action poses, but I did this sort of James Bond type shot.  (I'd love to see McGregor as Bond. Doubt if it will ever happen though.)

He always looks better in shadow. The eyes look weird if the face is fully lit. But then he is a dark angel. :)

I like the way the gun and the hand holding it is more in focus than the rest of the image.

Yum. Time for dinner. Chicken mayo sarnies with loads of black pepper. 



  1. Looking forward to the pattern.... and nice posing .. look online for new poses..

    1. I did take your advice and I found a couple of poses online. Heh.

  2. Hi! I wish my work space looked as tidy as yours :-). Phoenix looks great, he looks exactly as the real Ewan McGregor, was he the Star Wars Sideshow figure before? Those bodies do look "chunky" (if that's the right word) a bit, they should be taller and less wide in my opinion. Anyway, he looks awesome now re-bodied on your picture!

    1. Yeah, chunky and a bit musclebound. This body is slimmer, poses better and I made leg extensions to make him the same height as my Ken dolls. It's a great portrait of McGregor. My god I'm such a fangirl over him. ;)

      My space doesn't always look that tidy. I'm surprised at myself today!

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