Tuesday, 10 June 2014


So right, yes. I have these two Hunger Games guys, Peeta and Finnick.  (Incidentally, I watched the second movie last night. LOVING Finnick. Loathing Peeta... what a big girls blouse)  The Finnick dolls is definitely an attractive guy. I was having problems even liking Peeta a little bit but more on him later.

Finnick's hair was kind of nicely done, but I don't want to make him look like Sam Claflin.  Who, incidentally is pretty damn hot, but I digress.  I want my Fin to just look kind of bad-guy handsome.  So here he is out of the box. The hair has to go, and I want to enhance the eyebrows. 

I removed all his hair and started a reroot in several shades of dark brown/brunette.  Mostly because I have lots of left over bits of brown to use up.  He looked better bald (to me) than with his factory root.

Short hairdos are so hard to do on dolls. For a start you can't root with short lengths, you have to root the dolls with long hair and then cut it to shape.   You also need to make the reroot thicker than with long styles, so quite a bit of hair is needed.

Here's Fin after the initial hot-water set and trim. Very Tarzan. this sculpt would look very handsome with long hair, but personally I'm not keen on long-haired guys. I knocked about with enough 80'S metal musos to cure me of that.  I do like short hair on a man.

I kept cutting, bearing in mind it's so easy to overdo a dolls haircut and then it's ruined.

The back looks good so far, but looking at Ty's cut, it looks better if it's cut a fair bit shorter, so I kept snipping away, altering very gradually.

With Saran, it's hard to get a quiff going, so I was really careful when cutting the front. 

The back is shorter, it does actually look better from the front now.
Hmm. Looking at Ty's (Harley Ken) hair, it strikes me that these guys look very good with sideburns.  It makes the face look more masculine, and adds to the effect of the short hairstyles.  I think all my guys will be getting them when I move on to painting.

Yes.  Definitely. Sideburns are called for.

Once I was happy with Fin's cut.  I turned my attention to Peeta.  Oh god that's the worst boy-hair ever.  He needs something over his face to soften him a bit, and to detract from that too-square jawline.

 Luckily, I was able to restyle it by wetting it, combing it into shape, holding in place with cellophane and clingfilm, and dunking him in just-boiled water. I appreciate Josh Hutcherson is considered attractive, although it's not the kind of face I find particularly handsome.   ... Buuuut, the doll does look rather more attractive now.

Then I moved onto the painting.  I can't repaint to save my life, but I can enhance.  I gave Pete some sideburns, deepened his eyebrows and took the shine off his lips. He looks pretty good in playline jeans and a shirt.  (He's borrowing BB 15's body. Zane has his, and I got an extra one which I wrecked by trying to fit Phoenix's head onto it. Epic fail.  Now I need to repair it so Pete can have it back)

I did a bit more to Fin.  Darker brows, which I extended the tiniest bit at the outer points.  I enhanced his irises and pupils, and gave him sideburns too.  I took the gloss off his lips as well, with some matte acrylic sealer. He's now my resident bad guy.   I always did have a soft spot for wicked guys.

Mean, moody ... and well, he's a bad guy, so he has to wear black.

I couldn't neglect Zane.  So he got sideburns too. I really like the subtle difference that addition makes.  I've also enhanced his irises and pupils a bit.  It's really subtle, but it doesn't have to be too in-your-face.

Drop dead gorgeous.  ;)

And here are my four guys.  I'm still working on Phoenix's new body.  and there will be an addition once my second Harley Ken arrives.  After that, I think I should probably stop buying 12" boy dolls.

Turn your heads, guys. So everyone can see the sideburns.... That's it, work the camera...

And here's a gratuitous shot of a totally UN-enhanced Ty.  Who claims (and is correct) that you can't improve upon perfection.

Hey, Ty... your flies are open....

There is nothing about this doll that I'd change.

And now I really do need to get on with sewing something for Ell...



  1. You do great work with the reroots and enhancements. Altho I LOVE the long hair look on that guy, I have to say. Totally Tarzan! Fab job, Tess!

    1. I am sooo tempted to buy another Finnick just to give him Tarzan hair. ;) Thank you for the kind words!

  2. Hey, I got the comment to work!!

  3. Fab work as always! Great transformation of Fin and Pete (he no longer looks like a big girls blouse lol!!) Lovely group shot of them - they do pose very well for the camera lol!!

    1. Yeah, it's a 200% improvement - but then again, it would have been REALLY hard to make his hair any worse. ;) Thanks Trish. <3


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