Tuesday, 17 June 2014

First Ellowyne Pattern now in my Etsy store

Phew. That took some doing, but finally I'm happy with it all and have managed to finish the two dresses I made - so that I could photograph and compile the tutorial/instructions.

I love this dress, and it's so easy to alter the ruffle to make it longer or shorter, or to add lace, or to have sleeves, or no sleeves.  My own drafted patterns are pretty versatile. I've created them to be interchangeable, so when I finally make more patterns for dresses, people should be able to use the sleeves from one, the bodice from another, and the skirt panels from yet another.

On sale now in my Etsy store:

I'm really pleased with this one. And now need a break to play action man with my boy dolls...  ;)

I've shown a couple of previous garments made from this pattern too, so folks can see how they can use the different  options:

And basically that's why I've been so quiet for the last couple of days.  Now I'm off to flop on the bed with a good book.



  1. Oh my word - totally lush!!! Have already been and purchased .... such a shame I have to go to work would much rather be having a go at making a dress! Roll on the weekend!! Thank you so much for doing this Tess - I'm quite excited and I don't do excited!!!! Go and enjoy your boys and your book.... nothing like a good book!!! :)

    1. It's a very cute dress, one of my faves. :) More to come, after a day off! Thanks again, btw. Really appreciated. <3


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