Thursday, 19 June 2014

In the garden

As an agoraphobic, I don't even go out into our lovely garden that much.  I have a profound phobia of wasps to boot.  Fortunately, I have housemates who are saints. G lit up the citronella candle and I felt confident to sit outside with my homies for a while.  I even went to the very bottom of the garden to the pond.  All by myself.

Go me.

I took some shots of Priscilla while I was there. Just because.  I really would like to photograph more of my dolls in the garden in the sun, but I always seem to put it off due to my phobias.

Here she is, enjoying the garden.  Maybe she's a bit warm in boots and gloves, but she likes the look and one does have to suffer to be fashionable after all...

1) On our glass-topped patio table:

2)  On the cats favourite post in the lawn. He likes to sit right here. (You can see him in the background)

3)  By the pond, with water-lilies.   The string is to keep the heron away from the fishies. We have lots of fishies but they’re all hiding today.

4) It's such hard work modelling. Time for a rest... where's my mint julep?

Nice work if you can get it. ;)



  1. Ah those are lovely snaps of Priscilla in the garden and well done you for managing to get to the pond - phobias aren't nice - I'm sure most people have them even if they don't want to admit it!! I don't like heights.... and things in shells, and slimy slugs - you should have heard me squeal the night I found a slug in the kitchen... not nice!! I love the fabric Priscilla's top is in - very nice! I'm almost ready to have a go at the pattern and it's Friday tomorrow huzzah!!

  2. (I'll try this again didn't work first time lol!!!) Fab pics and well done for getting to the bottom of the garden. I don't like heights myself and I don't like creatures with shells or slimy slugs... you should have heard me squeal and cry when I found a slug in the kitchen at 1am!!! (and then I had to get rid of it lol!!). Love Priscilla's outfit even if she is suffering for fashion - the fabric in her tunic is lovely is it Liberty?

    1. Blogger sometimes has these little spasms.

      Yus, I took a few shots of her by the pond before something buzzed past my ear, so I scuttled back to the patio very fast. I hate slimy things too. I just don't do bugs. Wasps really terrify me, then spiders, then everything else, lolz.

      Ooh time for you and some serious fun with pattern-sewing. If you get really stuck, and I can help in some way, I'll do my best! I had a lovely message from a German lady - my first customer for patterns, who bought a Ken teeshirt pattern. She said the instructions were really good and she's made her first garment. I felt so pleased. And a little relieved. ;)

      Have fun!

  3. Congrats on the excursion into the garden, the pics are worth the effort :)
    Oh I`m so with you girls on wasps, slugs and spiders. I have a friend who is so terrified of frogs she can`t even write the word without blocking out the middle letters....

    1. I used to love frogs and toads, but now I don't like them around when I'm eating. I just can't handle slimy things these days!


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