Sunday, 29 June 2014

Raccoon's Rags pattern #008. A mini-project.

I've been looking at these knickers for Ell and trying to cut them in a way that is easy to sew and requires no elastic.


Et voila, I've managed it.  :)   So now there’s a min-tutorial on offer in my Etsy store, for a much lower price. That way people can get a feel for my patterns without having to dive right into something a bit more complicated.  And knickers are always useful. A girl simply can't have too many.

They do actually fit my KDF girls, but they don't hide the ball joints - I included a picture anyway, so you can get an idea. Ball-jointed resin dolls, aren't always put together so prettily as Ell.

It's a nice simple little pattern, and I'm pleased I can now make knicketies for my dolls in a jiffy.

And off I go to rummage in my boxes for the next pattern....


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