Thursday, 5 June 2014

Lets talk about Mattel dolls

I've had such a busy day today, and managed to get some pattern-writing done, but now I have a headache and it's time to treat myself to some squee. :)

It's too easy to think 'Barbie' with Mattel, and I know most of their black label dolls are Barbie and friends, but the new Hunger games dolls are great.   I have to say, when I de-boxed them their faces were all covered with this goop which looks like excessive hair gel, so I've tried to clean them up and will have to give them all a bath later on.

Now, I don't want to make myself unpopular, and as much as I like certain Barbie models, along with the pivotal bodies - I have this aversion to the usual playline Barbie's inane bimbo expression.   It's why the only two 'Barbie's' I now own are the Asian-Indian looking model from the Barbie Basics range,  and this lovely girl. Katniss, from the Hunger Games.  She's just so pretty. I can love a doll who doesn't look like a total airhead.

My my, I do get somewhat opinionated when I'm blogging, don't I.

Here she is. Grin-less, and not blonde. I will do something with her hair. Maybe a re-root.

A pic of my two Mattel girls. Katniss is way shorter than Janie, my Barbie Basics gal, but it could be the extreme platform shoes the latter is wearing.  Both have delightful faces IMHO.

Even the outfit is good. I've read some good reviews on these Hunger Games dolls, and am not disappointed.  She's stitched into the outfit though, so I'll have to unstitch it and sew in some velcro.

I love her flat heeled boots, and the arrows.  She has a bow too, but Phoenix,  my action figure seems to be inheriting any weaponry that passes through my door. 

Now for the boys.  This is Peeta - I only really bought him because I was told by a nice Flickr person that his body would match Zane's head (My BB model 15)  So what I've done is put Peeta's head on Zane's body.   The skin is not quite perfect, but a good enough match not to drive me crazy. Ty (Harley Ken) has a distinctly lighter skintone.

He's kind of okay. Nicer than the dumb- looking playline Ken and Ryan, but as with a lot of dolls I come across online, his face is too small for his head.  I notice this most with Robert Tonner celeb dolls, and I find it kinda creepy .. not to mention bad design.  He'd be better off for a repaint, but as I can't do that so well nowdays, he should think himself lucky that he gets Zane's body to look after.  He might look better with a re-root too, or a hat. Or both.

Hunger Games Finnick. Well. He's a stud!  Very chiseled with a bad boy frown that makes him kinda sexy.  I can see myself crushing on him.   I'm not keen on the hair, I may re-root him, and again, the features of his face do seem that bit too small for the head, but it's not as pronounced as Peeta's unfortunate face.

He came with a reat outfit, but I think he looks hotter without the track-suit coat thing.

Very mean and moody.  

 I can't wait to get him into some jeans and a better coat.

Aaand finally, saving the best for last. I've put Zane's head on Peeta's pivotal body.  The hunger Games bodies are every bit as good as the Harley ken body.   So now Zane can pose as well as Ty.  He also looks pretty smexy in Peeta's uniform.

You might be able to see the slight difference in the head's skintone to the body's skintone, But I can definitely live with it for the poseability he has now.

What a hunk.  I mean, really. 

But hey, I can't forget Ty, because he is after all, my troo luv.   I love these boys together.

So yes. My collection of boy dolls is almost complete.  I say almost, because I've bought another Harley Ken. I like the doll so very much.  It cost me an arm and a leg, which is why I have to sell poor Maisie. I know I brought it all on myself, but dolls are SRS BZNS.  *SRS face*



  1. I'm liking Katniss - very pretty face! Zane looks even more gorgeous now!! Peeta I think needs a reroot- that hair's just not right lol!! Loving mean and moody Finnick - he needs a Harley to ride and some leathers - I do like me a badboy!! Oh dear poor Maisie - I'm sure you'll find her a good home - she's very sweet! :)

    1. She's really lovely, Trish, and she's on the pivotal body, jointed elbows, wrists, knees. You can get her on Ebay but i found her a bit cheaper on Amazon UK, with free delivery. Zane is just beyond gorgeous. ;) And yeah, Peeta (silly name too) has the worst hair I've ever seen on doll marketed for adult collectors.

      I think I've just sold Maisie. I got an offer on Ebay and I accepted, so I'm hoping I'll get paid soon! She's going to live in France, lucky girls, I'm envious.


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