Saturday, 7 June 2014

More Pippa develoments

I was looking through my archives of my old Pippa ensembles for some inspiration on which pattern to make next, and found this, which I thought was really cute, and I recall I really enjoyed making it.

The pattern will be for the basic dress, wrap and armlets.  The embellishments will have to be down to people's creativity because the tutorials are already so very long, I can't keep cramming stuff into them for the selling price.  Which I think is fair, I don't know of any patterns that go into embellishments in any great detail.

I may produce an embellishments tutorial as a stand-alone purchase, some day. I have so many ideas that I can't see myself running out of things to publish.  I just hope I can manage to get a small income from it all.

Anyway, here are some visuals from the new pattern, to tease everyone. ;)

I lost a whole 21 page document last night and went to bed in a right poody. But this morning I realised I had saved it as an experimental PDF, and most of it was all there. So phew to that.

Now I have to go and make armlets.....



  1. I think an embellishments or accessories pattern would be a grand idea! I'm feeling quite sorry I sold all my Pippas now.... never mind I've got plenty of things to practice my hand sewing on and practice makes perfect lol!!

    1. It would be quite fun to do, and there's so much I could cram into it. Oh, do keep practising! I know crochet is your thang, but sewing is huge fun too. :)

  2. Hello, the dresses are very cute! Pippa looks great in them. Thank goodness you found the document too :-). Have a nice Sunday, Linda

    1. Thanks Linda :) Ugh, yes, I'm so glad I saved a version as a test PDF. Hope you're having a good weekend.


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