Saturday, 21 June 2014

My room

It's my bedroom, but due to the fact I live with friends, and one of them has SO MUCH STUFF.  We don't have a spare room for crafting, and hence my bedroom is my sewing room. 

I don't mind.  The agoraphobia and anxiety make me want to be away from people a lot of the time, (Agoraphobia comes in different forms, mine is combined with a social phobia and fear of crowded places or too many people in a small space)  So, yes.  I'm happy in here.  I have an lovely view of the village and the River Severn, so nothing to complain about.

I've been re-arranging and trying to organise my space a bit more. lately.   It's a great space for a small room, and I can cram lots of bits and pieces into various places.  ..And yes, the main point is, I do seem to have rather a lot of dolls to fit in.  I have shelves, which need clearing off and re-organising to create more dolly space.

Here's my tidy work desk.  That doesn't happen very often.  I put my boys up on this shelf, because I can see them when I'm sitting up in bed with my morning coffee.

These shelves are at the foot of my bed, so I can gaze at my dollies in the mornings. It always takes me two cups of coffee before I can get up and get dressed, so eye candy is important.  This is one of the many reasons why I love being single.  No hubby to moan about all the dolls in the bedroom, or saying "you’re not buying another damn doll???" .... And I can put things where I want them.

On the wall  opposite my work desk, is my computer desk, with a higher shelf.  These dollies are mostly all waiting for new clothes.  You can see Holly on the desk, on the far left, and Caleb on the right of the desk. He's right by my bedside, with his teddy. So cute. He's not very manly, but he's my Little Prince.

Sadly, I've noticed my Iplehouse JID, Rachel, is changing colour.  She has a distinct greenish tinge to her face and neck.  My Ryan, who has been on the same shelf, and was purchased at the same time, is still perfect.   It made me freak a bit, and since taking these, I've had to move all my resin dolls away from the window to above the computer.  I don't much like them on this high shelf, but that’s the best place to avoid any sunlight shining in.

I'll have to take more shots of my re-arranged shelves at some point.

And couple of my 12" lads, which I took for Flickr and Facebook groups.  Couldn't resist shoehorning them in here.  I now have six.  So won't buy any more, as I'm tired of having to restyle their hair.  Although I'm quite tempted to buy another Barbie Basics 15, and try a re-root on him....

Love this group shot. Phoenix on the left hand end trying to look churlish and menacing... And actually doing quite a good job of it...

And now it's Saturday, so I'm still plugging away at the latest Ellowyne pattern.  I'm already getting distracted with blogging and having coffee breaks.

Here. Have a gratuitous pincushion.

I should have called my doll clothes business that. I can see it now.  Hand crafted by "The Gratuitous Pincushion"



  1. Talking of naming your business, how did you come up with the name Raccoons Rags, or is that too personal a question?

    1. Oh no that's okay. Well, around 14 years ago, when I was first on the interwebs, I went to a name generator to find a random username. It came up with Intercity Raccoon, and as I travelled a lot by train at the time, it seemed very cool. The Raccoon thing was apt, because not only did I have a thing for them at one time, I also used to wear heavy mascara and not wash it off at night, so yes, woke up looking like one. A couple of friends used to call me Raccoon as a

      So many of my online personas were Raccoon-based for a while, including Ebay and Etsy etc. When I used to sell dolls clothes, I did under the name of Haute Petits, (before that, Pagan Dolls) And now I've changed it to Raccoon's Rags, just to keep it in line with my usernames.

    2. Lol, thanks for explaining, I have often wondered where it originated, but would never have thought of that explanation though! :)

    3. No worries. I did ramble somewhat.... ;)

  2. You have a great room, thanks for sharing the pictures of your dolls, you have a great collection. The six guys look awesome together too ^_^. Great post! Linda

  3. It`s great to see internet friends` personal spaces and things that help flesh out the mental image I have. You used one of your dark haired gals as your icon for a bit and that`s how I always think of you, lol! :)

    1. I love to see workspaces of other people. Then I get envious, lulz.

      Oh, yes, I often think of people who use dolls as icons looking like that. In the RP community, I think of most of my friends there as looking like their characters!


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