Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sunday blatherings

Phew.  Hot weather we're having here in South Wales.  I'm so grateful for my tiny-but-efficient desk fan.

Been slogging away at the latest pattern, which will be the jacket that Amber and Ell are wearing below.  It will have three sleeve options, and hopefully it can be made in both stretch and rigid woven fabrics.   I’ve made it in both in the past, but I've re-vamped the sleeve pieces and improved the fit,  So the jackets in this picture will have an identical body, but the sleeves will fit a little better and look smarter at the shoulders.

It should also fit over the large hands of a Luts Kid Delf too. Which the previous one didn't.

Here's a couple of visuals from the pattern. I've made the first jacket, and am embarking upon the second one now.

They fit with pattern 005 perfectly, and I'm aiming to make many of my patterns interchangeable.  I really want to give value for money.

And photographing each step has suddenly become a lit easier, thanks to my awesome housemate.  She found me a cheap little mini tripod at Tesco.  It was originally £15, but reduced to £2!  Bargain. :D

I had my camera and large tripod permanently set up in my little room, and was forever bashing the chair into it, tripping over it, and manhandling the stupid thing back into its corner when I needed to go to bed.  This one has made things so much more enjoyable... and is kind of a good scale for 16" dolls. If only I had a doll scale camera...

I've picked a really bright pink and orange hippie fabric for my second jacket, so it'll either look uber-cool, or just plain hideous. (In which case I'll have to do it all over again.) We shall see.


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