Wednesday, 11 June 2014


With every good intention of starting work on my Ellowyne Wilde sewing patterns, I found myself once again drawn to Phoenix, my action figure.   He's a sideshow figure, but the Sideshow body is, frankly, pants.  For a start it's too muscular.  Ewan McGregor has a really sexy bod in my eyes, but he's not a body builder. He's kind of slim, well-proportioned, and real-looking, which makes him more sexy than anyone with an Adonis-like figure.   The Sideshow body is just ugly. The joints are loose. It can't pose for shite and I can't even be bothered to photograph it for the blog.

So I've recently bought him a Hot Toys True Type slim figure, the TTM22.

I love this figure. It's not too brawny and the belly even has the slightest of paunches, which I can't help liking.  The joints are firm, and the poseability is beyond excellent.  I had some trouble with the too-long neck though.   The Sideshow head wasn't designed to fit on it, so I had to shave it down, make it shorter, and mod the inside of Phoenix’s head to get it all to fit. Which is did, and I'm happy.

The body is too short in the legs again though, very much like the Sideshow body and the feet are held to the leg with these little dumbbell bits:

So as you can see, I've made some slightly longer ones in Milliput Epoxy putty.  I've strengthened the cores with 1/2mm wire, so they should work just fine. Waiting for them to cure at the moment though.

With  some left-over epoxy, I've also modded a Fashionistas Ken body to see how Phoenix's head looks on it.  I did order a Peeta for him, for the pivotal body, but surprisingly the necks on those dudes are way too long.  I could cut one down, but it's only an occasional body (lulz) so I'll stick to the cheap-arsed Fashionista body for now.

Not my greatest work, and I may yet pull it all to bits and re-do it.  But the head fits and once the epoxy is cured, I'll take some shots. I'm certain I can adapt a Ken body to fit the different hands that Phoenix came with, but that will take a lot of patience and a Dremel. I should speak nicely to one of my housemates. He owns a Dremel I do believe.... 

With all that done, I did finally get to my sewing.  I've marked out all my pattern pieces, and will be doing a pattern for a tunic, which can also be a dress, with optional puff sleeves.  It means making two garments and taking good photographs of the steps.

I think this will be less of a full-on tutorial and more of a sewing pattern.  The steps will have photographs, but to produce a long tutorial kind of means i have to ask more for the finished article than I think people will be willing to pay. 

We'll just have to see how much I end up blathering on as I make it.  ;)

Any old how, I shall cut out and start sewing and taking piccies tomorrow. :)



  1. I is sitting quietly in the corner waiting patiently ;) I've learnt something already from the pics - put the fray stopper on before you cut the pieces out...... I can see now that's a much easier way to do it... I has much to learn lol!!

    1. Someone on Flickr just said about the fray check too. I told her I've always thought that's the way everyone does it. But I will say, keep the fabric moving from one surface to the next a few times, and wipe down your boards/tabletop. Otherwise it gets glued to the surface you're working on as it dries.

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  3. Do you always use the fray check on your fabric? Even if you're lining the item?

    1. Yes I do use it on absolutely everything. It stops the more delicate fabrics (such as muslin-type voile) from fraying while I do all the sewing. I mean people can use a machine and overlock the seams if they want, I know Magalie Dawson of MHD Designs uses a machine for all her amazing creations. But some of the smaller curved seams might be a bit tricksy to do by machine. So fray check keeps the garment secure, and hopefully the dolly things I make are heirloom-quality.


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