Thursday, 19 June 2014

Still faffing

Still having a break before I commence my next Ellowyne pattern.  So today I turned my attention to one of my two Monster High Bee girls.  I'm so proud of having these, they're so hard to come by now, and I was incredibly lucky to get the yellow torsos for them as well.

One is a repaint, who is so beautiful, I don't want to spoil here, so she remains wigged.  The other one, however, I've been dying to give a Mohawk.  I thought a lil' punkster black and yellow Mohawk would suit a little bee very well.

I think the standard procedure in doing Mohawks for dolls, is to flock the shaved areas properly.... which scares me. If I screw it up, it really is screwed up.  So I've been trying a few different self-adhesive velours.  Not luck until today, when my sel-adhesive baize turned up in the post.  It sticks really well, and stays there.  Because it's felt too, it shapes itself to the curvature of the dolls head nicely.

Here she is from the back: The thing to know about the MH CAM girls, is that their heads have hard plastic plates.  Very annoying and impossibly to reroot.  You can carefully cut out the hard plastic circle, and cut a plastic shape from an old Barbie My Scene head and glue that in instead - OR, Retro dolls have started selling replacement circles in various colours in nice soft plastic.  I bought some, glued mine in and stuck on the baize:

Poor wee thing, she doesn't look very pretty yet. But once my yellow saran gets here, she'll be really cute with her Mohican.  I will post updates as and when I root her. 

She's kind of tricksy when it comes to working out a good shape for the baize bits.  The MH bee doesn’t have any ears, so I had to just create a shape that looked okay.  Once the rooting is done though, I'm sure the effect will detract from any oddness resulting from the lack of ears.

And of course, I have a new Harley Ken.   I've been messing around with all the short hairdos on my boys today.  With short haircuts on dolls, you kind of need to keep trimming (carefully!) and re-styling so the hair looks okay.   Short hair on dolls is SO difficult, but worth it in the end.

Once I'd sorted them all out, I noticed that my original doll, (Ty - left)  is noticeably paler than my new guy (Deuce - right)   This was a bit of a surprise. It implies that the blond Harley Ken dolls had a second wave, or something.   Ty is maybe four years old? Maybe more, I've had him a while.  Deuce - I have no idea. He could have been on some collectors shelf in his box for a while.

If anyone can shed light on this, do let me know.

See the difference? (This shot makes their sculpts look slightly different, that's purely the camera angle.  They're absolutely identical apart from the skintone.)

So the names. Yes. Well, Ty Grady and Zane Garrett are from the Cut & Run series by Abigail Roux and Madeleine Urban.  I love the books so much, that's how Ty and Zane got their names.  Ty has a brother in the books, Deacon Grady, or Deuce.  So it seemed logical and has sort of stuck already.



  1. Nice boys...I like his name - definitely a Biker name - have a feeling I've read a biker book where the main character was called Deuce.... ..I saw your question on flickr about the harley ken sculpts - now funnily enough I happened upon a ken site last night randomly searching on tinternet as you do..... however, I can't find it again (no surprise there) but I searched for Harley Ken and found this page -- be warned it's a bit scary - it's all the ken head sculpts ..... don't know if it'll answer your question but have to say your boys are the best of the bunch lol!!!

    1. It does seem biker-ish. The Deuce in the book I read was actually a psychiatrist with a limp, lolz.

      Oh! Yes, I followed your link (thank you) and you're right. Scary. Some of those Kens would give kids nightmares, I'm sure. It doesn't answer my question, but I'll keep trying to find out. You know - it's taken Mattel 53 years to come up with a decent neck joint for their male dolls? That silly two-halves to the neck thing just doesn't work for me.


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