Monday, 2 June 2014

The whole point of having dolls....

.... is to play with them. However old you are, and whatever that form takes.  Making them clothes, painting their faces, fixing their hair, taking photographs.  I enjoy all of the above to some degree, so I decided that Zane and Phoenix needed their watercolour pencil facial re-touches to be wiped away, so I could do the job properly with acrylics and sealer.

I hardly ever repaint, but I do occasionally re-touch.  So I got that done for both boys, and then I continued to clip and trim Zane's hair into shape.  Doing a short hairdo on a doll is so difficult, and I've always taken days or weeks to get it done to my satisfaction. It's always best to cut bits too long, and then if you can't live with them, you can take a teeny bit off. It also takes a few days for some of the scraggly ends to show, so you can tidy them up.

I'm closer to getting Zane's hair just right.  This doll comes with LOTS of hair.  It's incredibly thick, and I've been constantly trimming the back into shape for days now.  Time to stop, I think.   It's far too easy to get into it and wreck it by cutting something too short.

I'm as in love with him as I am Ty now.  They share the same sculpt I do believe - which I've read is the same sculpt as the Edward Cullen Ken doll.  I erm, know a lot of people like Twilight, and I mean no offence but I avoid it like the plague. So I'm kinda surprised such a butt ugly doll shares the same sculpt with the amazingly handsome Harley Ken and Barbie Basics 15.    (Hey it's my blog and if I can't express an opinion here, where can I?)

Anyway, I think he's pretty much finished. His hair can be slicked back with a little water for a smooth look, or can be combed out to look a bit softer.

These black label Ken dolls are so photogenic, and this model's hair is really thick. It's two-tone as well, black and brown. I couldn’t have picked a nicer shade if I was re-rooting him myself.

Before and  after pic - The hair is obviously a big change, but the changes in the face paint are so so subtle that you hardly notice. Darker brows and filled-out irises so he doesn't look so dopey.  It's amazing what a tiny dab of paint can do to change a doll's expression.

And Phoenix benefited from a proper eyebrow repaint, but in hindsight, I think the shade of brown is just a little too red, so I'll end up re-doing him at some stage. It doesn't show in the photo, but in daylight it's really noticeable.

He's getting a new body soon. I hope. The Sideshow body is rubbish. It might be ultra poseable, but it's loose and weirdly proportioned.  I've ordered a Hot Toys TTM slim body and just hope I can mod it so his head fits.

So that's my playtime over.  Now back to the patterns....



  1. Awesome job on Zane! I`m terrified of doing the smallest bit of painting :(

    1. Give it a go with some basic watercolours first? Not acrylics - watercolours just wipe away really easily with water. I did that before I touched the acrylics, lulz.

  2. Zane looks fab now - amazing what a difference the eyebrow colour makes!! Now I may just be seeing things (wouldn't be the first time) but the shorter hair makes it look like he's got very defined cheekbones.... much better than before - job well done you... and I quite agree what's the point of having a doll if you can't play with it lol!!

    1. Yes, it does seem to enhance his features - I guess it's the same as for humans, a different hair silhouette makes the face look different too. I knew you'd agree with the playing part - having seen all your gorgeous girls in the garden and doing all sorts of interesting stuffs. :)


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