Tuesday, 22 July 2014

A new blog page, and a new pattern.

At last I've uploaded all my available patterns for sale right here on my blog.   If you look at the pale green banner at the top, you'll see "Patterns for sale". Click on that and you'll be able to scroll down through all the Raccoon's Rags patterns.

When you click the "buy now" buttons - there's no obligation to purchase, it merely takes you to an information page, about the pattern and there you will see the option to buy.  Just follow through to checkout and you can download your zip files straight away.

All the PDFs are in USL size - but if you need A4, just let me know once you've paid and I will email the A4 PDFs to you asap. I'm VERY reliable unless my broadband dies.  Which, hopefully, won't happen again as we have a shiny new package installed.

Also, I have a new teeshirt pattern for 17" Tonner male dolls (#011) to offer you lovely people.   It's a scaled up version of pattern #001, the Ken teeshirt.  I'm offering it separately, for people who just want an easy life without scaling up bits and pieces, and who don't really want to sew for 12" male dolls.

The existing pattern #001 does contain instructions on how to scale up the pattern for the 17" boys, so if you want to sew for both dolls, buy pattern #001.

Pattern #011 is available here on the blog:

And in my Etsy shop:

All my patterns are available here on my Sellfy page as well:

I love the subtle V shape of these Tonner guys torsos.  Phin looks great in this.

And he rocks the dark grey turtleneck!  he could be a proper villain and take over the world - if only he had some pants...

I can't seem to scale up the ken pants for him, as pants and jeans for larger doll seem to need darts in the butt.  But I can scale down my Soulkid boys pants for him, so I'll be working on that next.



  1. Definitely needs those pants to rule the world.... I could just see him as a villain in a Bond movie!!

    1. Yes, an arch-villain needs his dignity. ;) It's going to be a challenge making his new friend look innocent when he arrives.

    2. He has a new friend coming.... ooh who?

    3. It's another Phin actually. I like the sculpt so much, and they seem to be getting more scarce, so I decided to buy one while I could! I'm interested in seeing how different I can make them look.


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