Friday, 11 July 2014

Hats pattern

Been working on my newest pattern today. I have a few hat designs that I'd like to include and hope the instructions won't be too long for each one.  I do like to provide a good, detailed, tutorial with my patterns though.


All hats are for Ell and friends,  the first is a cute one with kitty ears:

And another is a reversible slouchy beanie hat - which looks surprisingly good on Phin:

He's an odd lad. Sometimes he looks downright evil, and sometimes he just looks youthful with the glimmer of a smile.   I <3 him, and want to get another one now, just to see how different I can make them look.

In other news, my first Cami arrived. :)  Wow, she's a beautiful girl.   Photos will be forthcoming soon,

I'm just so so tired today after waking up with the beginnings of a migraine. I just managed to catch it in time, with some codeine, so I'm feeling no pain - but I'm as high as the proverbial kite..  It's a wonder I can sew at all. I've already jabbed my finger with a scalpel opening the Cami parcel.  Lots of cussing and bleeding.  Bah.



  1. You look after yourself. migraines are never nice! I love the kitty hat - I think that style look great on Patience. I still see Phin as a bad boy with a soft side... lol!!

    1. All better today :) (Saturday) Patience will need some special big hats all of her own. I wonder if my Pullip bits and pieces will fit her....

      Yup, that's Phin. :)


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