Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Imperium Park enhancements

I can't say I'm a good repainter of dolls, but I can do reasonably convincing eyes.   Eyebrows terrify me, but poor Phin needed a make-over so badly, that I sat up until all hours last night experimenting on the poor guy.

I managed to get the shape of eyebrows I wanted - but there’s a design problem with Phin, in that his eyebrows are etched into the plastic, so whatever you paint, you have to sort of cover the grooves, or it looks bad.   Hence - all the repaints of Phin I've found (and there aren't many) have thick bushy eyebrows.

Still, he looks a whole lot more handsome now.  A mean and mood, slightly bad guy, possibly. (Yes okay I have a thing for bad guys)

So yes, gone is the dirty-looking and badly painted stubble, and a lot of the shading.  I managed to get some colour in his cheeks with artists pastels, which stained him just perfectly, reshaped the lips, and gave his eyes a complete overhaul.   I even managed some shading under his brows. Very hard to do with paints, I find.

 I even added some slight sideburns, as you can see in this one below. It looked great on my Ken dolls, and luckily it looks good on Phin too.

Handsome guy. Could be an angel - or a demon. Hard to tell.  

As for Thea, much as I dislike the badly painted eyeshadow, I didn't have the skill to re-do it. So I simply altered the whites of her eyes and the irises, pupils, etc.  She does look much prettier now, I think.  I won't spoil her by doing any more.  Less is more sometimes.

 She looks far less vacuous now, and rather sweet.

I'm going to wash Thea's cardboard hair, without disturbing the front styling, which I quite like. 

I realised after yesterday's blog post that Phin is not actually rooted, he's got a wig glued onto his head.  At first I debated removing it, but to be honest, the hair is a dream to comb. it looks a little untidy in the photos above, but it goes wherever I put it. So I might give it a trim to neaten it, or make it look a bit more modern.

I kind of want to put him in modern jeans and a maybe a jacket too, like my Ken dolls, but that has to wait, because I have a couple of projects on the go at the moment, before I make myself get on with another pattern.



  1. Wow... they look so much better - that little bit of eye work on Thea has made a world of difference! Loving Phin too - I think he might be a bit mean and moody but so much better now he doesn't look as if he's got bags under his eyes lol!!! Perhaps he's a demonic angel.....

    1. It always surprises me that even a subtle change can alter a dolls whole character. Haha, yes, I do think he's probably demon who just can't make up his mind. ;)

  2. Much, much better!!! Great job!!!

    1. Thanks Linda! :) Phin's eyebrows are a bit heavy, but I can tweak them at some point. Thank heavens for Winsor and Newton brush cleaner & restorer. It's as good as having a magic eraser.


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