Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Imperium Park

I always did want these dolls since they first came out, but funds didn't allow until I recently saw the pair, Thea and Phin on Ebay as a single lot.  So temptation won me over and now they're home.

First off, I do really like these dolls, but I can now see why maybe people didn't find it hard to bond with them so much.

For expensive dolls, one kind of expects a bit of a better face-up.  I love Thea's sculpt to bits, but the shading around the eyes is patchy and a bit grubby-looking. I'll try to enhance her, but I'm not so hot at shading, so goodness knows how well it will turn out.  You can't see it in the picture, but she has this grey shading down each side of her nose which just looks like dirt. 

I may change the eyes so they're not looking off to one side.

Her hair is nice, a bit cardboard-y at the back, but that's standard for most expensive dolls I've found. A warm wash and style should be fine.  If not, I'll scalp here and find a nice wig.

The one thing that really bugs me, is her head doesn't fit the neck too well.   The neck bulges at the back and the head joint seems a bit small for it.  It's impossible to make her look down even a little bit.

I might remove her head and sculpt out the neck joint a bit, so she can look down.  Scary though.

As for Phin, he's a handsome lad and I'm pleased with him.   You can see from the pic below that he seems to have dirt around his top lip.  That's the remains of an attempt to suggest a bit of stubble on him, in the form of a Van-dyke beard, but it really did just look like dirt.  So I'm in the process of cleaning it off, hence the clean chin and grubby looking top lip.

Ignore what looks like a dark blob in his left eye - it looks fine on my hard drive, but for some reason when I upload it, there's a dark blob there.  Weird as hell.

Here he is with a bit of paint removal.  Nice clean face, and some of the dirty looking brown removed from each side of his nose, and under the eyes.  Some of the lip colour is gone too. I'll have a go at re-painting him soon.

Again with that weird blob in his left eye.  I'm baffled by it, frankly. In my photographs it just isn't there. (ETA: It hasn't shown up in my Flickr upload, only here)

I've noticed that in his actual sculpt, his right eye is slightly higher than his right. It's in the shaping of the plastic, so I'm not sure if I can change it by painting. Again, we'll see.

I'd like to alter his eyebrows - which is the thing that terrifies me the most!

I love his hair though. It's good hair compared to many rooted male dolls. I'll style it a bit and hope he comes out looking as cute as I think he should.



  1. I think it was the nose shading and dark eye makeup that put me off Thea(and I so wanted to love her!) - I look forward to seeing what you do with her and Phin!! That's very odd with the photo - I can see on Flickr that there isn't anything wrong with this eye .... Has Patience turned up yet?

    1. Yu, exactly the same with me. I'll play with their faceups for a bit. Phin is already looking better, but I need some better red for his lip colour... he's a bit too purple atm!

      The photo is actually freaking me out slightly. Two different photos in this post have done it - a bit like The Omen - the first film. Weird photographs spook the hell out of me. D:

      Patience is due tomorrow! I paid the ransom demand today. ;)

  2. The Tonner sculpts are often asymmetrical, my Kitty Colliers have one big and one smaller eye - also in the sculpt. I'm not a repainter like you, so I just try to ignore it :-D. I think both your newcomers will look great once you enhanced them. They both have very sweet expressions. That blob in the eye is a bit strange :-). It reminds me of some X-Files episodes LOL.

    1. Yah, I know human faces are far from symmetrical, but on a doll the slightest difference looks really pronounced somehow. I can't make up my mind if it's realism on Tonner's part, or poor skills. ;)

      Oh the blob reminds me of The Omen. Freaky. I can't figure it out.

  3. Just seen the 'new' Thea, she looks so beautiful now! Fantastic painting x

    1. Thanks Josie. I can only really do eyes very well, so I didn't change anything else on her. Phineas was half persevere and half blind luck.


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